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Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
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message 1: by Neil (new)

Neil (rucknrun) They don't have Good Omens on the Nook. BOOOOOO! I am not sure I can go back to paper. I will have to ponder this thought.

Micah (onemorebaker) | 1071 comments It doesn't look like Good Omens is available as an e-book yet. I picked up my copy from a used book store here in Dallas. I checked: B&N store (wife has a nook), Kindle app, and iBooks. No one had it available for sale. Although I am sure you can find it available on the internet somewhere (cough cough bit torrent cough cough) and then port it over to your Nook.

message 3: by Neil (new)

Neil (rucknrun) Got it. Didn't check the kindle. I try and stay off the torrents. Though if I can find an epub version I can use it on the Nook. I wish the publishers would get on board with the ebooks fully.

Micah (onemorebaker) | 1071 comments yeah i try not to use bit-torrent either. But if you did decide to use it, you could always buy a paperback of the book and then just read it as an e-file. While that maybe "illegal" on paper morally i think it would be justified.

message 5: by Neil (new)

Neil (rucknrun) I agree with that. It is like ripping a DVD for personal use. I think we should be able to do what we want with the media we purchase.

That is a good idea.

Tina (javabird) | 722 comments I have gotten so spoiled since I got my iPad - I have a hard time reading any DTB's anymore. I tried, I really tried to get into this book via the hard copy from the library, but I'm opting out after reading the first few pages.

Unfortunately, the CD version has too many holds on it through my library and I don't think I like the book enough to actually buy a copy, so I guess I'll be passing on this one.

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