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Natalie np :)

brent was sitting in his front lawn, looking at the sky. He had just worked out and had no shirt on.

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Sofie was out for her morning jog. She had some tight blue jeans shorts and a tank top on. as she ran her bobbs move up and down sexy!!((XD))

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Natalie ((lol! :D))
brent saw a girl jogging up. He looked up and stared at her boobs. ''holy...those are damn hot,'' he thought as he sat up and watched her.

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Sofie was listening to her ipod not really paying attention. She looked over and saw Brent. "Holy crap he's hot!"she thought giving him a sexy smile

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Natalie brent nodded to her and winked. ''crap I'm already horny...'' he thought to himself smiling at her.

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Sofie didn't look where she was going and tripped cutting her hand

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Natalie brent ran over to her. '' you alright sexy?'' he asked her, helping her up.

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Sofie smiled and stood wiping her bloody hand "yea thanks"She said

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Natalie brent looked at her hand. ''shit that's bad. I'll fix you up,'' he said, leading her to his house.

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Sofie smiled "Thanks"she said looking at her cut hand

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Natalie brent got a bandage wrap and wrapped it gently around her hand after cleaning it off.

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Sofie winced but that was it

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Natalie brent looked at her. ''brent,'' he said to her, holding out his hand for her undamaged hand to shake.

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Sofie smiled and shook it "Sofie"she replied

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Natalie ''nice'' he replied, his eyes slowly lingering on her boobs.

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Sofie noticed and gave him a sexy smile. "How old re you?"

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Sofie got her water bottle from her pocket and drank some water

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Natalie brent licked his lips. ''18,'' he replied.

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Sofie smiled and finished her water "17"she said some of her brown hair falling into her face

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Natalie brent slowly checked her whole body out and looked back at her face. ''awesome,'' e replied sexily grnning.

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Sofie smiled and moved the hair away. He was definatly hot. "What are you doing up so early?"

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Natalie "I was working out and I just wanted to sit outside," he said.

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Sofie nodded "are you on a sports team?"

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Natalie "Football and Soccer," he said to her.

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Sofie smiled"Soccer!"

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Natalie Brent chuckled. "Yeah, you play any sports?"

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"I play soccer, lacrosse, field hockey. When I'm not playing any sports I'm singing or writing my own songs"

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Natalie "Woah, busy are we?" he asked flirting.

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Sofie laughed "A little! But i do have a lot of spare time"She replied

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Natalie "What do you do in that time?" he asked sexily.

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Sofie shrugged "What ever I feel like. Most of the time would be trying to get my friend to stop bugging my ass. I broke up with my boy friend about 4 weeks ago and ever since they have tried setting me up with guys!"

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Natalie "Geez, such a pain..."he said biting his lip. "You know, I could solve that..."

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"You could....I wouldn't mind"Sofie replied

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Natalie Brent smiled. "Better get going, see you at 8" he replied, winking at her as he left.

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Sofie smiled and jogged out

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Natalie Brent went back to work out. He smiled to himself.

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Sofie smiled and ran home

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Natalie He worked out and took a shower.

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Sofie showered and put on shorts and a shirt

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Natalie He put some jeans on and an american eagle shirt.

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Sofie put her hair up in a pony tail and found her Delia's sweatshirt and put it on

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Sofie looked at the cloak. 5 minutes till 8

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Natalie Brent put his pacsun jacket on and drove over to her house. He went out of the car and knocked on the door.

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Sofie smiled and walked down. She opened the door and smiled

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Horsefan101 (Sara!) wrote: "Sofie smiled and walked down. She opened the door and smiled"

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Natalie "Hey," Brent said, his eyes wandering to her shorts. "You look hot," he said, feeling a tad horny. ((LOL!)) He pushed the feeling aside.

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Sofie smiled as she walked outside "thanks You look very sexy!"

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Natalie Brent laughed and winked at her.

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Sofie smiled "where are we going?"

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