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((Have Fun! :D))

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"LET US BEGAN" the king started. Christian sighed and mounted his horse. Someone is going to die, probally him. 'why'd you have to die Sergio?' he woundered. Then he started to the door on his horse.

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel walked out of her castle and went outside. She saw Christian mounting his horse and she called to him.

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Christian turned "Yes, my lady" he said politly.

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel looked around. "What is going on around here? father never tells me anything." She looked him up and down. "How come I have never seen you before?"

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Christian started to panic "it's a joust my Lady. I've been hard at work.........training. Ya trianing" He answered.

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel put a hand on Christian's arm. "My lord, it's fine. I wish you the best of luck. Do not get hurt. I hope to see you again in the future." She smiled sweetly and turned.

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Christian looked at Ariel confused. "Thank-you my lady, thank-you" he said.

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel turned. "No need to thank me, my lord. I recon you have never done this before? you look quite nervous."

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Christian gulped. "oh yes my lady." he said. "but not as big as a crowd like this. Did you talk to everyone here?"

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel paused, but then shook her head. "No, I have not. You were the first person to catch my eye, my lord. It's because your shaking so much." she laughed. "Do not worry, I will make sure you do not get hurt. Unless it is I that is making you shake?" she laughed again.

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Christian laughed "well my lady, you are beautiful, but i am not your prince, and I'm not here to fall in love." he said, Trying to calm down.

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel smiled. "Thank you, my lord. I have no prince I wish to marry. I don't wish to marry anyone that is forced on me. I wish to fall in love."

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Christian looked that Ariel. "Very well, my lady. You will be watching i suppose?" he asked

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel smiled and nodded. "I will be, my lord. I wish to see if you will live, so I may congratulate you."

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"i'll try my hardest, my lady." he said and bowed

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel smiled and walked to her seat, watching the joist.

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Christian sighed "Now i WILL live he said under his breath". he smiled and took his pition

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel watched Christian with intrest. He was handsome.

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AS he got closer to the arena, he became more confindite. "thanks bro." he whispered.

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel turned to her father, the king. "Bet on the boy, Christian, he seems like quite a winning lord."

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As he enter, he was over whlemed by the crowd

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel watched with intrest quietly. It has started.

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((what should happen next?))

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Christina (christina--marie) (( i'm not sure... just fast foward to the end when you win ))

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I smile as the last man goes down. I had won. I had won For my Lady!

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel cheers and runs down to the arena to see christian. "Oh, my lord! That was very impressive!"

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Christian smiled "it was easy"

message 29: by Christina (new)

Christina (christina--marie) Ariel smiles back. "You will make a great knight! I knew you would be able to do it! oh," she put her hand on his arm again. "Would you like to join me for our family dinner tonight? with the king?"

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Christin smiled "yes my lady. i would be delighted!"

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(( you should jion the gang one....i got to go. talk 2 u 2morrow?))

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel raised her eyebrows and laughed. "You are not nervous now? you are meeting the king for dinner!"

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"Why no im not" he replied
((i got to go. talk 2 u 2morrow?))

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Christina (christina--marie) (( okay! bye :) ))

Ariel smiled. "Strange. Well, I will see you tonight, my lord. Until then." she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

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Christian looked at Ariel. 'What did i get myself into?' he wondered, and dismounted his horse.

message 36: by Christina (new)

Christina (christina--marie) Ariel turned on her heel.

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As Christian Walked to the castle, he saw a glipse of Ariel and went in that direction.

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Christina (christina--marie) Ariel stopped, sensing somebody following her. She turned around.

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Christin speed up. "Not to bother you, my lady" he said, when he was close enough "What may i ask you your name?"

message 40: by Christina (new)

Christina (christina--marie) Ariel smiled. "My name is Princess Ariel. And may I ask yours?"

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Christian smiled back "Sir Christian."

message 42: by Christina (new)

Christina (christina--marie) Ariel curtsied. "Pleasure to meet you Sir Christian."

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 25 comments ((may i join?))

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Christian bowed "the same to you" he replied.

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Christina (christina--marie) (( sure! ))

Ariel smiled. "Are you excited for dinner tonight? it's going to be unexciting, but I am glad you are able to attend."

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Christian nodded his head. "Defenitaly" he said.

message 47: by Christina (new)

Christina (christina--marie) Ariel laughed. "Well, I better be on my way. I have to get fitted into my grown for the evening. I will see you at dinner, goodbye."

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((whos your character This is uu life.....))
"goodbye" Christian replied.

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Christina (christina--marie) (( what? ))

Ariel walked into her room and changed into her gown.

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((who is This*is*ur*life*r*u*who*u*want*to*be?'s charrie?)
Christian went to the guest room to get washed up.

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