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αℓℓєx / ℓєxι / ∂αиαє єvαηs | 830 comments Mod
You can practice your Quidditch here.

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Minh (cassandrale179) Irene the captain of Slytherin's quidditch team walked towards the practice place. She turned her head around and saw nobody here. " Oh, everybody was late as usual." She sat on the bench and waited for the team.

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Rachel hastily made her way over to the bench and greeted Irene with an apologetic manner. "Sorry I'm late, Irene. I had to go back to my dorm after class to get my equipment."

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"Am I late?" Talia wondered. "NAH. Everyone else is just early. Hello Irene and Rachel."

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"Hey Talia."

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Laura Laura raced onto the field with her broomstick and tipped her imaginary hat to the three students, then realized they were all Slytherins.
"Did you guys already book the field today?" she asked.

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Minh (cassandrale179) " Yes, yes we are, we have permittance from professor Caitlin - head of Slytherin house", Irene said as she put out the paper had the signature of prof.Caitlin. Irene turned her head back at Talia and Rachel, " We still only have three people, I hope that the other will show their faces, soon."

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"Agreed. Who are the others anyway?" Rachel replied.

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Minh (cassandrale179) " We have to wait for our seeker, and we still miss a beater, and two chasers", Irene said, " That's why we are here. We need to find out who will be our chasers and beater..."

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Laura "Oh...I guess I better not interrupt you then. Tally-ho," said Laura, and she skipped off the field to fly her broomstick over the other Hogwarts grounds.

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Minh (cassandrale179) (( I think all the practice : suspension 'cause we have a Quadwizard Tournament))

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Mor10ta | 1 comments "Hey guys!" said Bella, walking over and sitting next to them. ((Can I be Beater?))

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Minh (cassandrale179) (( Ohm, you have to go the topic " Teams" and ask for it. If Danae agree then you will be a beater))

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♥Justine♥ | 47 comments Justine came to the Quidditch Field to watch the practice. Being a first year, there was almost no hope of getting on the team, so she decides to try out next year. She loved Quidditch, with all the excitement and action... Not to mention the hot quidditch players!

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♥Justine♥ | 47 comments (LAUREN YOUR IN THIS GROUP!! *squashes lauren with gigantic hug*)

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