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the plot thickens!

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message 1: by Ocean (new)

Ocean | 1 comments dear david,
i've really loved all of your books, but i've noticed that there's such a noticeable growth in your plot structuring from "boy meets boy" to, say, "wide awake". what do you think caused this shift? was it simply the act of writing (or even the passage of time) that has strengthened your plots, or did you simply approach writing in a different way? got any tips?
xo, ocean

message 2: by David (new)

David Levithan | 22 comments Hi Ocean,

I can't say any progression has been deliberate, so I guess I'd say the more you write, the more things you discover. That said, I have to confess that the simplicity of Boy Meets Boy is somewhat deceptive (which is as it should be!). Whereas the plotting of, say, Realm of Possibility is more obviously intricate. And the plotting in Nick & Norah is non-existent, because Rachel and I made it up as we went along.

Thanks for the question!

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