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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad (bradjessup) | 2 comments If you are in this group you have probably already read Patrick's latest blog about signed copies of The Wise Man's Fear being available from The Signed Page.

And that he is doing a book tour in March. Brave guy.

I live in Vancouver, BC and actually considered making the 2 hour drive to Seattle for the book signing when I saw the tour schedule on Patrick's blog. I have never been to a book signing. Never even considered it before. Not until I read The Name of the Wind. But I knew my wife would never go for it. And honestly, at my age, the idea of waiting in line with hundreds/thousands of rabid fans half my age is a little scary. ;-)

Then I saw the blog about The Signed Page. And it's based in Seattle so shipping should be quick. I couldn't resist. I ordered signed copies of both books even though I already own the first one obviously (in paperback) and I very rarely buy hardcovers. The only other book I purposely bought in hardcover was Lord of the Rings. Now that is saying something.

P.S. I would have thought that this group would be buzzing with TWMF coming out soon. I guess everyone is waiting with bated breath.

message 2: by Patrick, His Beardy Highness (new)

Patrick | 8 comments Mod
I don't know how old you are. But unless you're 70 or so, I don't think you have to worry about all the readers being half your age.... I have a fairly wide spectrum of readers, and I think their average age is about 30-32. So yeah. Some teens, but also some grandparents....

message 3: by Mary, Minion the 1st, Chancellor (new)

Mary (mary_believes_in_faeries) | 142 comments Mod
Thanks so much for sharing with the group! The line is longer at each event I attend; the minions have been both fanatical and successful in spreading the NOTW & WMF love. The Signed Page is a great alternative but it is always a pleasure to hear Pat speak. He is intelligent and witty. Also, his filtering system is often on the blink and that always makes for fantastic entertainment!

I'm still kind of embarrassed that I forgot to help promote the Worldbuilders drive this year through our group. I think I kind of take it for granted that others stalk Pat like I do.

message 4: by Allie (new)

Allie And they ship to Australia!

(Hi, I'm Allie, I joined this group a couple of weeks ago but have since been a mute back-reader of threads)

message 5: by John (new)

John Denoble | 3 comments Thank you Brad; didn't Know about the site, just ordered my copy.....

message 6: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 21, 2011 08:09PM) (new)

Ordered my copy the first day :) Sadly I live in Arkansas and am not close enough to go to an event where Patrick will be in attendance. Sucks Royally. I'm really thankful that he's taking the time to sign copies for those of us who aren't within reasonable driving distance. Still hope I get to meet him and shake his hand someday.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Come to think of it, it was you who gave me the heads up Brad! My freaking twin! lol..where the heck have you been, brother?

message 8: by Nick (new)

Nick Morley (nicklaurence) | 1 comments Ordered signed copies of both books - thanks so much for getting the word out about this. As a japan tour from Pat doesn't seem likely any time soon this is a great consolation.

message 9: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 91 comments I didn't think I'd need a signed copy, but when I got to the book signing in my area the wait was three hours, and I was five minutes early!
End of story, I didn't even get inside the store. I plan on mailing my copy in sometime.

message 10: by Mary, Minion the 1st, Chancellor (new)

Mary (mary_believes_in_faeries) | 142 comments Mod
Yeah, I <3 Pat but I'll be hoping he visits for Gencon in the next year or three rather than compete with the masses right now.

message 11: by Arttakra (new)

Arttakra (artt) | 12 comments Just got my signed copy yesterday made me want to read WMF again but I don't want to damage it. Must ring my friend tomorrow and get my paperback copy back. Although having Kvothe withdrawals did lead me to this forum so maybe it was a good thing.

message 12: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Brad,

I say go to the signing. Partially, because I wish I lived close enough to a attend one, but also, because it's such a wonderful experience to sit amongst other people who truly love a good story. The readings are always great, every author I've gone to see has told wonderful stories about the creation of the book or where a character came from. You can strike up a conversation or two with someone you've never met before, AND you're supporting bookstores. It really is one of my favorite things to do. Plus, I hear Mr. Rothfuss is kick-a$$!


message 13: by Brianne (new)

Brianne (iliketoreadbooks) | 91 comments go early! i got there on time. and i didn't make it in :( and i only live seven minutes away from where it was.

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