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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

What should I do with not-a-book reading material? I have some novel-length fanfic (50,000+ words) that I want to get credit for, but obviously I have to enter a "real" book for the GR challenge tracking. I was going to just pick a book to use as a placeholder, but I was wondering if anyone else was reading not-a-books and what they were doing. To make it fair for rankings and such, I would choose a book I've read previously but haven't yet shelved, so it would still be a legitimate addition in that sense.

I think I'm waaaaay overthinking this. I do that sometimes.

message 2: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, Resident Book Pusher (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 3289 comments Christa wrote: "What should I do with not-a-book reading material? I have some novel-length fanfic (50,000+ words) that I want to get credit for, but obviously I have to enter a "real" book for the GR challenge tr..."

:-) I over-think things a lot, too.

Does the book have an ISBN or anything like that? If it does, maybe you can request it to get added via the Librarians. They have a whole section of not-a-books that have ISBNs.

If it doesn't have an ISBN, maybe the name of the book, a link to the site (I'm assuming it’s a site), and your review? It would work for me.

Now on to the most important part: What type of fanfic?? :-) Who's it for? I have a love/hate relationship with fanfic (I read one for Naruto where they made Naruto pregnant. *blank stare*)

message 3: by Carrie (Care), Group Founder & Fearless Leader (new)

Carrie (Care) (care76) | 73 comments There are some of the more popular fanfics listed as books here, so like MrsJ says, I would ask if you can have them put up.

Or just list them here and keep track yourself.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Most of the fanfic I read is Harry Potter, Criminal Minds and Adam-12. Yes, bizarre combination. Criminal Minds is kind of an exception to my preference for "worlds I am otherwise done with". It can be weird to read fanfic for something that's still ongoing and then going back to the original story world.

Some of them could be listed, I guess, but for others, the authors are planning rewrites or might not wish to have them listed as books here for whatever reason. I'll look and see if any are already listed, though, so thanks for that info, Care.

I think for the others I will go with my initial idea of shelving a book I've already read.

Thank you both for your replies!

message 5: by Dawdler (new)

Dawdler (dawdler612) | 36 comments I had no idea that there was Criminal Minds and Adam-12 fanfic, sounds interesting, you think you can point me in the right direction Christa? I'd really like to read some of those stories.

Thanks Christa

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Sure Dawdler! They are all at There's a ton of stuff there so be prepared to get lost in it for a while. :) To easily put them on your ereader, google for "fanfictiondownloader" (yes, one word). It is a little program that makes ebooks in multiple formats using the link to the fanfic. There's also a web-based fanfic-to-ebook converter - google "FLAG Webservice" for that one. (Sorry for being lazy and not posting the links - it's been a long day.)

message 7: by Dawdler (new)

Dawdler (dawdler612) | 36 comments thank you Christa, the initial link is good enough and I'll google the rest, I'm all for getting lost in reading and it'll give me a chance to dawdle even more and not do any work.

thanks again and I hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

You're quite welcome, and tomorrow will be better - I plan on doing some dawdling myself. :) All this work stuff has cut into my reading time.

message 9: by Cherrybomb (new)

Cherrybomb (wvcherrybomb) | 68 comments This is really interesting to me since I never heard the term 'fanfic' until about a year ago. Of course, since I've been on MR, I've heard it many times. I never really knew what is was except for the literal interpretation of the name.

Adam-12 was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I never realized there would be fanfic for such things. I think I'll go check it out.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Psst - Pete Malloy is my secret crush...sssh

RetroTV runs Adam-12 every weekday at 4pm CST, followed by Dragnet. Everything in my world stops for Adam-12.

message 11: by Cherrybomb (new)

Cherrybomb (wvcherrybomb) | 68 comments LOL

I'm going to have to check that out. I had no idea...

message 12: by GA (last edited Jan 26, 2011 09:35PM) (new)

GA (garussell) | 312 comments We get RetroTV here in Raleigh. Every time I turn on, it's got Run For Your Life!

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