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iPhone sample code for OAuth?

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message 1: by Jamey Graham (new)

Jamey Graham | 3 comments Anybody have sample code for iPhone/Xcode? (please include the OAuth library you are using from iPhone SDK)


message 2: by Ettore (new)

Ettore Pasquini Jamey, check out OAuthConsumer:

there's a tutorial there as well. It's part of the bigger OAuth project from Google, but you can refer to the ObjC 2.0 code. You can also found the same project on the internet in a bunch of other projects too (as a quick search on github will confirm).

message 3: by Jamey Graham (new)

Jamey Graham | 3 comments I am trying some of the samples found from the OAuth site such as MBOAuth (this has a stream of complaints about the lack of support & does not compile, at least in my environment), PlainOAuth, etc. but all examples are heavily tied to twitter. I was hoping for a simpler example to get me started but maybe I'll have to detangle the twitter examples.


message 4: by Ettore (new)

Ettore Pasquini check out this project, supposedly it's ready to go for Xcode (I haven't actually tried it):

message 6: by Jamey Graham (new)

Jamey Graham | 3 comments Thanks for the pointers!

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