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Here's where you RP your Wrong Turn Charries

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meri (meri_is_a_saltedfish) Lily was driving someone's cadillac. She stole it near from an old man who gave her a ride out of town. She was a creepy old man who kept looking at her chest while driving. So she got pissed, broke the man's nose, shove him out of the car and drove away while listening to My Chemical Romance's song TEENAGER.

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meri (meri_is_a_saltedfish) Lily was singing with the band playing on the stereo as she started speeding up.

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meri (meri_is_a_saltedfish) Lily did not know where she's going. Besides her cigarettes she had no other friends. She slowed down when she saw a truck on the side of the road. "Unfortunate," she said as she speed up again and then she saw food through the not so tinted mirror of the truck. Her stomach grumbled.

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meri (meri_is_a_saltedfish) Lily parked her car on the other side of the road. "Hey need any help," she said, eying the food inside.

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meri (meri_is_a_saltedfish) Lily shrugged. "Well, whatever," she said going back to her Cadillac. She decided not to be bothered by these individuals. She thought of just robbing some grocery store she'll see along the way.

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meri (meri_is_a_saltedfish) Lilly looked back thinking hard if she would say yes or no. "Yeah, if you could spare me any," she answered, deciding that it would be better this way.

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meri (meri_is_a_saltedfish) Lilly crossed the road and went to her.

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