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message 1: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (ladyval) | 13 comments Now that you have your Nook, do you find yourself ignoring the DT books that you have on your shelves? In the six days I have had my Nook, I can easily see myself choosing an ebook to read over my DT books.

And in the same vein, has anyone read the ebook version (whether purchased or library download) over the DT book sitting on the shelf simply because of the ease of the ereader?

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 1 comments I have a few times when an ebook was offered for free and the book had been sitting on the shelves for months. Most of my books are purchased for very cheap at library sales, so I just donated the regular book back to the library and read the nook version. I'm not going to purchase an ebook when I have the book version, but if it's offered for free and I can clear my shelf space by getting rid of the regular book, I will.

message 3: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) DT?

I only read not he Nook, so it's safe to say that yes, I do ignore any hard copies of books I have.

message 4: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne (yvonne473) | 16 comments I only read DT books when a review is requested. Even then I'm trying to only get ebook review books. I definitely choose ebooks over poor DT's are flowing over the shelves.

message 5: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (eternity21) I find myself reading both paper and ebooks. But before I read the paper I always look on my library site for the ebook version. I prefer to read the ebook version if I have both as long as I don't have to repurchase the book.

message 6: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (thebooknympho) I read both. I have a few paper books on my shelf I've not read yet so I will work them in with my ebook reading. Also to save money I still check out books through the library too.
I have a couple of series I've been reading that when the new book comes out I will buy the ebook over the paper but I do have a few that are coming to an end (Fever series) that I will buy the paper just to complete the set.

message 7: by Basanja (new)

Basanja We still read and buy both. My husband much prefers DT books. Most of the books he wants are not available as ebooks. For myself, depends on the price of the ebook vs DT book. If they're the same price...I'm not sure. I love ebooks, love ease of reading, but part of me is still on the fence. With a background in electronics, and this being an electronic device, I know electronics can fail. DT books can get lost or damaged too (I've lost many thousands of books over the years) so...I'm not sure.

With that, I am thinking of rebuilding the Stephen King collection in ebooks mainly for the ease of reading. Duplicate favorites is not a bad thing.

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore Hey guys. What does "DT" stand for?

message 9: by Linda (new)

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 360 comments DT??? Not sure what that stands for, but I still read both, I have had my Nook since the summer, I love it and I am currently reading 2 books on it right now, but at this point I cannot give up my hardback books, I still need to feel a book in my hands. within the last week or so, I have shopped at B&N at the 50% off table and have purchasd 4 books.

message 10: by Basanja (new)

Basanja Michelle wrote: "Hey guys. What does "DT" stand for?"

DT means Dead Trees.

message 11: by Lauren (new)

Lauren When I had a regular Sony pocket reader, I only read ebooks when I was out of the house, or downloaded a book I really really wanted to read from the library. Now that I have had a Nook Color for 2 weeks, I find myself wanting to read everything on that. I get a lot of books from the library though instead of buying them, and I don't see myself buying an ebook when I could borrow it from the library. And if it's a book I really want to own, I think I'll always buy it DT so I can feel it in my hands and browse. Overall, though, love my new Nook Color - completely changed e-reading for me.

message 12: by Bree (new)

Bree (simplyparticular) I've been e-reading for almost 8 years (on Palms, then smartphones). In that time, the number of p-books I've read has severely declined, and I've actually given away many of my old p-book series and replaced them with e-books. Mass market paperbacks in particular were falling apart, so the e-book is a better investment.

The main exceptions are architecture, cookbooks, and children's books. The vast majority of which I get from the library, anyway.

I occasionally feel a pang of sadness when I look at my bookshelves, which are now filled with photo albums, kid games, puzzles, and the kids books. But that pang is quickly replaced by joy when I can scroll through my entire e-book library while lying in bed. :)

message 13: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (ladyval) | 13 comments I'm really enjoying everyone's thoughts on this. Thank you so much for sharing.

message 14: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Bree wrote: "I've been e-reading for almost 8 years (on Palms, then smartphones). In that time, the number of p-books I've read has severely declined, and I've actually given away many of my old p-book series a..."

And just think, when they come up with a solar or handcrank charger e-readers, you can take your library with you if you have to evacuate in case of disaster (kind of an backhanded advantage.)

And what do e-readers do to the age-old question: what five books would you want to have if stranded on a desert island? :)

message 15: by Lonnie (new)

Lonnie I prefer to read on the Nook but I refuse to spend much money on ebooks. So, for the time being when I start to read a book I look to see if it is available from the library as an ebook. If not, I'll read the DT and let the Nook rest.

Currently I have 2 library books on the Nook I am alternating between but I just finished reading the latest Stephen King that I purchased in hardback for my collection.

message 16: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore Basanja wrote: "Michelle wrote: "Hey guys. What does "DT" stand for?"

DT means Dead Trees."

Thanks Basanja!

message 17: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore Since getting my Nook Color for Christmas, I've been neglecting my DT books. I can't help it, but I just want to read everything on my Nook. Eventually, I'll get back to my DT books, but right now my e-books are just too much fun to read.

message 18: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 340 comments I don't read any more p-books since now I have the Nook and Nookcolor. The only p-books I read now are the ones that are not offered as e-books. The e-readers have turned out in my favor since my dog seems to think that p-books are something he would like to read to (aka bites all books).

message 19: by Lauren (new)

Lauren ★Meghan★ wrote: "I don't read any more p-books since now I have the Nook and Nookcolor. The only p-books I read now are the ones that are not offered as e-books. The e-readers have turned out in my favor since my..."

Yea, Meghan, that is another advantage to e-readers. I have had to buy 4 library books since getting my Beagle pup in July.

message 20: by Jason (new)

Jason | 6 comments ★Meghan★ wrote: "I don't read any more p-books since now I have the Nook and Nookcolor. The only p-books I read now are the ones that are not offered as e-books. The e-readers have turned out in my favor since my..."

I am the same way. I had to read The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi in DT format becuase it was not available for my Nook.

message 21: by Donnajo (new)

Donnajo I have so many unread books on my shelves and every place else it's more than a lifetime of books. I was a bookbuyingholic. since the nookette has come I have bought alot less. I guess the free books are having my habit somewhat. Anyway, I still like paper in my hands so I'm trying to do both the regular book reading and the nook. At times I have to say since reading The Passage which I kept up with on the nook. I haven't finished any bigger books. Probably 9 or 10 since I got the nook. But I'm hoping to do a better system of reading both formats in the future.
Lauren, Love beagles. We had a family beagles in the past Jax she didn't know she was a dog. it was my nephews to begin with but ended up living with my sister & bil. And there were alot of times I had to babysit her and at times she didn't want me to read she used to push the book away with her nose. Sorry, your puppy has been busy with your library books.

message 22: by Crystalmarie (new)

Crystalmarie (CrystalsNovels) | 37 comments Since i purchased the Nook..... I have bought nothing but eBooks. And every single ebook i've bought is sitting on my bookcase.
I was against eReaders at first. Then i kept reading about them. So i went ahead and bought myself one. I am amazed! And i love my nook. Although i don't trust it all that much. It's like will it last forever?!! idk.

message 23: by Katie (new)

Katie (kater07) I've read 2 DTBs since getting my Nook and just ordered one (written by a dear college friend) because it's not available for the Nook, and I couldn't wait it out.

I do choose my nook first, if there's something pressing on it. I have genre mood swings.

message 24: by Hillary (new)

Hillary (eledri) I love both. I will always love my DT books. I tend to buy DT books of series I've already started in that format. Otherwise I try my best to buy ebook. Because going from reading ebooks and the ease of my Nook/Nookcolor to DT books can annoy the hell out of me. But some of the DT books are just too pretty to not have them on my shelves!

message 25: by ★Meghan★ (last edited Jan 15, 2011 03:01PM) (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 340 comments Lauren wrote: "★Meghan★ wrote: "I don't read any more p-books since now I have the Nook and Nookcolor. The only p-books I read now are the ones that are not offered as e-books. The e-readers have turned out in ..."

I paid for about 5 library books before I gave up getting them. Haha. There were some where I was charge $5-10 and with the condition it was probably worth $1 (if that). Now my dog has started even on some of the books that are my own personal books. Maybe he gets mad cuz I spend too much time with the books. :) So now I figure if I really want to read it and it is not available as e-book from the library I will just buy it.

message 26: by Kim D (new)

Kim D (kdimattia) | 34 comments I also buy DT books of series I've already started. Since I have so many DT books on my shelves I make myself read one Nook book and one DT book or if I finish a Nook book I have to read a DT book next.

message 27: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Kim D wrote: "I also buy DT books of series I've already started. Since I have so many DT books on my shelves I make myself read one Nook book and one DT book or if I finish a Nook book I have to read a DT book..."

I do the same alternating thing -- and now that library books are in danger in my house, I'm going to try reading one from my shelves (instead of the library) and one on the Nook. I also always have an audiobook going for my 45 minute-each-way commute and doing house chores and projects. I have to be careful, though, to read different styles and genres on all three or I get mixed up! Sometimes I try to read the same book in print that I'm listening to; if I can find it free in an ebook, maybe I'll try all three sometime so Miss Marple doesn't end up in modern-day Alaska.

message 28: by KimWin (new)

KimWin | 34 comments I am so spoiled by my nook. I am giving away my dt books (great way to describe them) and clearing my spaces. Lots of purging going on!

message 29: by Jason (new)

Jason (jasoncostello42) | 9 comments i have very little desire to read DT books anymore. i have two left to read and they are definitely at the bottom of my list. that being said, i think if i found an e-book i really liked, i would go buy the DT of it.

message 30: by Carrie (Care) (new)

Carrie (Care) (care76) I hardly ever read physical books anymore. I still buy the hardcovers for my very favourite series, but sometimes I get the ebook (or borrow from library) just so I can read it on my Nook. I read a 1000 page hardcover in November and it was so uncomfortable to read in bed. For that one though I just couldn't read it in ebook format and it is not out yet anyway. It was only two days of discomfort and I was finished, so that's not too bad.

I have some books lent to me from a friend and I haven't read them yet. I feel bad, but I just don't want to hold on to them. I can't believe I am saying that because I adore my books and never would have thought I would feel this way.

message 31: by Suze (new)

Suze (suzed) | 13 comments I still like the smell and feel of a new DT book in my hands. Love my Nook, but I still read both. I can see that at some point in the future, I'll be mostly reading ebooks, but for now, it's hard for me to give up those DT books.

And anyway, they look much nicer in my bookshelves than just my lil Nook sitting on a shelf! :)

message 32: by Martha (new)

Martha Washam | 2 comments DT, I love that....nope I am strictly a Nook girl. There are so many ebooks out there, I can always find something to amuse me.

message 33: by Nicole (last edited Jan 17, 2011 12:22AM) (new)

Nicole (tazlina) | 10 comments My habit for 6 months was eBooks only.

But now, I've branched back into pBooks as well. I'm reading a lot of theology lately, so I'm constantly referring to and studying pBibles (even while I read eBooks). It's much easier to have the Nook and only one pBook to deal with. MUCH.

A couple of the books that I plan to read soon aren't in eFormat at this point, so I'm pretty bummed about that. Ah, c'est la vie.

message 34: by Crystalmarie (new)

Crystalmarie (CrystalsNovels) | 37 comments I just bought the Ampilifed Bible on my Nook. & i love it. It's great!!

message 35: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (tazlina) | 10 comments Crystalmarie wrote: "I just bought the Ampilifed Bible on my Nook. & i love it. It's great!!"

When Nook can do Hebrew fonts, then I might switch over. Until then, I need to stick with Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary.

message 36: by Crystalmarie (new)

Crystalmarie (CrystalsNovels) | 37 comments Awesome! :) Hope they come out with what works for you!

message 37: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (tazlina) | 10 comments Crystalmarie wrote: "Awesome! :) Hope they come out with what works for you!"

It's awesome that they've got yours! :)

message 38: by Jane (new)

Jane (daggerjane) I love the feel and smell of DT books. Before I got my nook, I had three very tall bookshelves in my room full of books, as well as boxes of books on the floor and in my closet. I live with roommates in an apartment and spend all of my time in my room. I couldn't store my books anywhere else, and they were taking over. I had nowhere to put anything else that might go on a shelf because the shelves were so full of books.

So after I fell in love with my nook, I donated nearly all of my DT books. I kept a few favorites, but the rest are gone! I'm happier because I now have a decent living space and can actually move around my room without tripping over a box of books. I got rid of two of the book cases and when I look at the one that is left, I feel the same way Bree mentioned - sad that it's full of video games/movies/knick knacks instead of books, but then happy with my nook and the fact that my room isn't so cluttered anymore!

message 39: by Linda (new)

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 360 comments ohhhh, thats like a double edge sword!!! Not to make you sad, but I get happy when I can look at my many book cases full of books, I love my Nook, but not sure that I will be able to give up my current DT books and purchasing new ones.

message 40: by Jane (new)

Jane (daggerjane) lol I know how you feel for sure. It was really hard to give them away but I just tried to tell myself I was helping so many people by doing it. I mean, when I was a teenager/totally broke, I'd go to Goodwill and buy a book for 50 cents and it would make me so happy. Maybe someone else will feel the same way about the books I donated. At least, I hope so, because I can't stand the thought of them being uncared for/abused/torn up haha

Plus, my boyfriend was getting really cranky since we have to share our little room lol. If we had our own place, I'm sure I wouldn't have donated them!

message 41: by Amber (new)

Amber (YA Indulgences) (yaindulgences) | 10 comments Well since I'm currently away at college and there is a used bookstore really close to it, I buy from there a lot. Lol. I do buy ebooks though, I like them both.

message 42: by Jerry (new)

Jerry (jersysman) | 53 comments I haven't read a DT book since I have had my Nook and I have a lot of them to read. I'll get around to them eventually. I definitely won't be buying an ebook version if I already have the DT version.

message 43: by Chara (new)

Chara (charalee) I work at a bookstore, and we don't get discounts on ebooks, today is the first time they announced that we will start getting discounts on the e-reader devices.

For me, most of the time, the DT books are the same price as the ebooks, but I can resell them, let friends borrow them as many times as they want, or just give them away. If the price is within $1 difference, I usually just buy a hard copy.

message 44: by Jerry (new)

Jerry (jersysman) | 53 comments I understand what you mean, Chara. For me, it comes down to a place to keep all of them. This ereader has been a Godsend.

message 45: by Linda (new)

Linda Boyd (boydlinda95gmailcom) | 360 comments I love, love, love my Nook, but I don't think I will ever give up my DT books, I just purchased 10 DT books last week!!!! I'm a book girl.

message 46: by Lonnie (new)

Lonnie update after having the Nook for 6 months: I seldom read DT books any longer. I have found that there are enough library books available that I can search my local library for epub copies and add them to my wish list. When I finish one I just go to my wish list to see what else is currently available to check out and go with it. Before this, I would spend about 4 hours per month at the local used book store finding 50 cent to $3 copies of books I wanted to read. Yesterday was the 1st time in months that I checked out a DT book from my library... but only because they didn't have it in epub.

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

As much as I love my Nook it will never take the place of DT books for me. When I'm out of the house I also take my nook because its just easier but when I'm at home it I own a DT version of the book than I will generally read that.

message 48: by Erin (new)

Erin I still have a whole shelf of DT books at home that I refuse to part with. Usually, if the price of the nook version is a little high I usually get the DT version from the library. Whenever I see a DT book on sale I usually buy it, I love both my nook and my DT books:)

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

Well put Erin.

message 50: by Deviant-Muse (new)

Deviant-Muse (DeviantMuse) | 2 comments I read only from my Nook. Why? Well, because when I have a DT...I cannot focus. I am paying too much attention to how many words there are on the next page and not paying attention to what I am reading. With my Nook I can only see one page at a time and it allows me to read and comprehend more quickly. I know it may sound silly, but I am a bit strange anyhow. ;)

Plus.....I have no room for DTs! :D

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