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Breaking Dawn

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Rena how far are you and who has the book like I do yet?

Megan I don't own the book, I borrowed it from my friend who hasn't even started the series yet. I didn't think it was worth going down to the book store to wait until midnight for it to come out. The Twilight books aren't nearly that good. I'm only around 120 pages into it and already I can feel that I don't like it. I honestly don't care about her "human experience" she doesn't want to give up. I felt it was innappropriate for a young adult book. Bella has annoyed me more than ever with her whining. She keeps complaining how she doesn't want to hurt Edward any more than she already has, when he hurt her that first time, she couldn't see that it WAS hurting him because he hurt her. She was still just as selfish and whiny.

Alysa I own the book and have finished it. Overall, I liked the book and felt it was a good ending to the story. It is not my favorite in the series and I'll probably not read it as often as the others, but I can tell that Stephenie Meyer took the time in the other books to set up the major plot points of the story.

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Hilda I have read the book and enjoyed it as much as the first two books. I'm now reading the 4th book "Breaking Dawn" and I'm still very much addicted to this story.

Karin I finished. I know now why everyone says it ties everything together. It was good. Not nearly as good as the first 2.

Karin I was annoyed by the fact that she was always getting hurt and hurting everyone. But I really enjoyed the first 2 more than the others over all. I'm glad I read them.

Kate I LOVED IT, I know a lot of people don't feel the same way, but I LOVED IT!! I've read it twice, and am getting ready to start it a 3rd time (I even dreamed about it once...long story, hehe...).

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Paige I LOVED EVERY Little bit of it some people might think that Bella is a bad role model because she is geting married at 19 and stuff but so wat stephenie even said that Bella's choices are her choices in this FICTIONAL book that can't happen in real life since there is no such thing vampires or werewolves. Also, shes marrying a vampire and so its a whole lot different from real life. I also love the name she picked for her baby "Renesme" and "Nessie" i didn't like it at first but now i do besides wat other name could fit a half human half vampire? Since her kind is pretty rare. I hope they make it a movie and it would be nice if she wrote a book from Renesme's point of view when she falls in love with Jake.

Camille i finished the whole series. i think it was ok, but the whole "true love can beat all" theme got a little annoying after 4 long books of it. but i like edward and jacob! i really really hate bella theough. she complains too much!

SharonH Hated it. I couldn't even stomach finishing it.

Camille u should talk to my friend bonnie, she absolutely hates it also..

Camille oh, i TOTALLY agree with you on that because I thought there should have been some like huge war or battle of fight or something, but the author just left it there.......god that makes me mad!

Camille Yeah, i agree with you about that. did u know that the movie of Twilight is coming out in the beginning of November? I think it will be even worse than the book if thats possible.

SharonH I also hated the whole 'imprinting' thing. Too icky. I think Jacob, who I loved, got shafted in book 4. He should have ended up, gosh I cannot think of the name of the female wolf. At lease they both could have gotten over their disasterous first loves.

Leslie Willow58--yes! Imprinting is creepy! Jacob got dissed and should have been treated better!

I just got back from a retreat and the bus driver told us he'd been in Twilight. He even had the hat he wore in it--he plays a fisherman from Forks! (It was a weird hat--he was an interesting guy!) So far, he thinks he hasn't been cut out of the movie!

Camille oh, i totally agree with you about the imprinting thing....i mean wouldn't it just ruin it if u knew exactly who and when you would fall in love with, its like you have no choice, plus Jacob should have gotten toegether with Leah.

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Yeukai The thing that sucks is that i went through 4 books only to find out that bella and edward do stay together after all, yeay! (not!). Honestly, the climax of breaking dawn was jacobs perpective of things. I actually thought it was funny and kinda real. Atleast there was dimension there! Unlike bella whose sole purpose in life is to love stone people. Stephanie however tends to over do some of the lovey dovey stop the world connection between edward and bella, it does get a bit tiring at times but i do applaud her on her fresh take on the whole vampire theory.

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