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message 1: by Hope Welsh (last edited Jan 07, 2011 05:42AM) (new)

Hope Welsh | 12 comments Since Amanda Hocking came on the scene, she's sold hundreds of thousands of copies of her books.

She writes fantasy YA--but I'd consider her "My Blood Approves" series as paranormal as they are vampires.

Edit: My Blood Approves--sheesh, I knew that. The Trylle series is after that.
Amanda Hocking

Lizz (Beer, Books and Boos) it's my blood approves

message 3: by Angela (new)

Angela (angbens) | 106 comments I LOVE this series. I have flown through it in the last week. I am on the 4th one now, Wisdom (My Blood Approves, #4) by Amanda Hocking

message 4: by Hope Welsh (new)

Hope Welsh | 12 comments Have you read Trylle yet? Just finished the last in that Trilogy. And Hollowland is pretty great, too.

message 5: by Angela (new)

Angela (angbens) | 106 comments No, have't read that series yet. It's on my list though. I have the first one on my Kindle.

message 6: by Angela (new)

Angela (angbens) | 106 comments Just started Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1) by Amanda Hocking today. :)

message 7: by Tara (new)

Tara Rusling | 3 comments I have read her Trylle trilogy and have started on her Hollowland. I will be reading her other series when I am done. I think she is a very talented author but could use an editor at times.

message 8: by Angela (new)

Angela (angbens) | 106 comments I didn't care for Switched. It was okay, just didn't draw me in like the others.

chucklesthescot I like the sound of these books. Will add to my wishlist. Thanks for the recommendation!

message 10: by Steph (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 1573 comments I have these, just haven't gotten to them yet. Glad to hear how much everyone is enjoying them. :) Thanks for the recs!

message 11: by Natasha (new)

Natasha Brown Amanda Hocking is my favorite author right now. I "discovered" her while trying to find cheap books to download onto my Kindle I received for Christmas. I "found" the Tryelle Trilogy. At first I thought - trolls? Really? I was pleasantly surprised! The Trilogy is great. I have since read all other books written by Hocking that can be downloaded onto Kindle. I am anxiously waiting for the Witches of Honalee to be available for download as well as the continuation on Hollowland and My Blood Approves. I have two of my co-workers that I told about her and they love her work now too. :)

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