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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannibal) I was doing some thinking...and it seems to me that those of use who enjoy reading books that are part of a series would really benefit from a Series for series bookswap.
For exaple: I'm reading Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld Series. I have novels 1-8 & An Anthology. When I finish these, and it shouldn't take me very long. I would love to really "swap" my series for series owned by someone else.

I think for this to work, everyone would have to post the series they are going to read & the number of books in that series. And, if possible post the date you think you'll finish your series.

Now, I now not everyone may be currently reading a series. However, if you own a series or two that you wouldn't mind parting with, you can list that information here for for sawp as well.

There will be more than one way to have a successful book series swap.

If there are people willing to try this out I think it could be great. If anyone would like to know more just post your question or questions. If you have concerns please voice those as well.

If there is enough interest I'll post a more detials about how and who you would swap your series with.

*For me, this would be great alternative to selling my series on ebay in order to buy another series. This way all parties involved get a fresh new series to read, save on the cost of buying "new", make new friends along they way, & possibly insire topics for future challanges! :)


So what do you think?

chucklesthescot I think your idea is a very good one. The one down side about swap sites is that you can't always find all the books in a series or you might pick up book 2 and 4 and not find 1 and 3. I've got a lot of series on my shelves waiting to be read. Trouble is, most of the books I'm looking for are easier to find in the US and Canada and not many people there want to post a pile of books to Scotland!

message 3: by Afsana (new)

Afsana (afsanaz) | 154 comments a downside to that would be for people to be happy you would need to state condition of each book and forma and as seen by threads if the covers match or not. Otherwise when people get it maybe disapointed if the books are not in condition expected

and as stated by chucklesthescot-its the packaging of the books and sending it in one go

also would you have to state what series you looking for 9whats the chancs in a small group) to find matches and the differences in sizes of the series?-would you have to state whether you willing to swap for less books

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