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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
Here you will post your character (*Maximum two characters per group member!) descriptions and such, and please do not answer a question by 'to be R.P.' since that defeats the purpose of this topic.

Your meister can either be your second character, or it can be someone else from the group.

If you wish to have someone else from the group as your meister, then after filling out the following form, you may go into the other topic called 'Meisters' in the 'Characters' folder and look for other people's posts, and the ones who have marked 'Weapon partner:' as Empty, None, Open, or along the lines of that and you can ask them if they want to be your fighting partner.

This is optional, since you can also just wait and look for a partner later on.

But if they say yes, you can either automatically edit your character post and put your partner's name next to 'Meister:', or you can roleplay out the scene for how you will become partners and edit it later.

Please be clear at describing the following:

Name: (Be creative! Please give your character a first and last name please.)

Age: (Doesn't need to be your actual age)

Gender: (Easy enough to answer...)

Appearance: (A photo/image can work too, but if there is no photo then please describe with detail.)

Personality: (Try to steer far of being Perfect; Put down their flaws too!)

Other: (Anything else you want to add...?)

Meister: (Please read what i said in the paragraph above if you didn't read what i said before.)

Type of Weapon you are: (This speaks for itself...)

Soul Resonance Move: (Description of what your special weapon move is with your meister.)

Type of Weapon you are:
Soul Resonance Move:

Thank you, the DWMA is glad to have more students!

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-FROZEN- (Otaku4Life) Name: Aaron Net
Age: About 17.
Gender: Male
Appearance As Weapon:
Personality: Kool, rude. No one talks to him a lot because they're scared of him, so no one really knows much about him.
Other: Most people think he has a small crush on Sayu.
Meister: Sayu Sora.
Type of Weapon you are: Sword
Soul Resonance Move: Unknown

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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
Name: Marika (The meaning of the name means 'Quiet and Careful')

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Although Marika wears a more simple outfit of a pale pink sun dress ( and her eyes are green, but the hair in the picture is exact.

Personality: Marika does not like to talk, but she takes chances and talks if the need be. As her name states, she is Quiet and Careful.
She’s quite cheerful and happy, but if you make her really angry, then you might make her yell.
She likes the color pale pink but does not like to be mistaken for a child.

Other: She is very carefree, but careful at the same time. As in, she is very cheerful and happy, but calm at the same time.
She likes to take care of her partner, make sure he doesn’t get into trouble, even though sometimes Audrey can be quite rude.

Meister: Audrey

Type of Weapon you are:
But it's a lot longer, like a spear.

Soul Resonance move: The spear’s tip has a crescent moon attached to it, and that small moon uses the night's force, even if it's the day, to reinforce the spear and blade to work/be-controlled without the meister needing to actually have contact with the weapon.
The black lightning that connects the weapon and its meister affects Marika's personality and makes it slightly more violent every time the use this move.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 295 comments Mod
Name: Simone Agraciana

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Personality: He thinks simply, see's no ones flaws but only the best that they are. He loves to cook but is indifferent when it comes to insults directed to him (he has one huge flaw but you'll find out later. . .). He listens to everything, the pain, the depression and is just always there but doesn't talk sensibly. Half of the time he speaks of no sense.

other: always scene with Aruna

Meister: Aruna Bethesda

Type of Weapon you are: spiked mace (club) with a sturdy build

Soul Resonance Move: The spikes will start to glow a sickly grey and will curve to give the maximum pain also enlarging to the size of your lower arm and hand put together. Let's hope your not the one in the middle of this. The meisters soul en longs the weapons spikes and coat them with their soul.

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Meadow ~ (lunahexmoon) | 275 comments Mod
Name: Len Skyler

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: he's Hot nothing else too it
Personality: Awsome and everyone likes him and smart and he's afraid of Snakes
Other: He would to anything too protect the things/person(s) he loves
Meister: Layla

Type of Weapon you are: Abow that shoots out his meisters soul wavelenght
Soul Resonance Move: Yet to be discovered

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Name: Sophia Gray(Called Kama-chan,Fe,Fig,Grey or Sophie(only if you want to die)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Fe's very short for her age,being 4'8, and has deep, lilac and silver eyes.She has very,very long reddish-brown hair and usually wears a white cat-like hat, drawn on jeans, a 'Neverland' tee shirt under a gray hoodie with lace on the arms.

Personality: Fe can come off pretty harsh, but she means well.She's very optimistic and caring towards friends, and hates when people feel bad.She has a very short temper.She is terribly afraid of when people get hurt and she can prevent it.

Other: Bah humbug.

Meister: OPEN, but now she just works with her brother, another weapon, named Finn.

Type of Weapon you are: Fe is a Posion Scythe.

Soul Resonance Move: Sakura of Death- dark purple sakura(cherryblossom) petals are scattered everywhere.The petals contain a highly dangerous posion, but it only parlyzes for a amount of time- just enougth to deliver a fatal blow.

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Please be clear at describing the following:

Name: Finn Gray


Gender: Male


Finn has very pale blonde hair, with strange whitish blonde spots here and there.He has dark silvery-mirror like eyes, and is about 5'6.

Personality: Finn's very nice.She's very caring, and hates when people are sad.he can be a little bit of a player, but he doesn't know that.


Meister: OPEN, but now he just works with his sister, Fe, who is also a weapon.

Type of Weapon you are: Dark Double Bladed Pole Arm

Soul Resonance Move: Dark Evening- the twin blades of the Pole Arm become a shadowlike black.The area around the weapon is engulfen in darkness, confzing the oppentent , giving the meister enough time to attack.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 120 comments Name: Brenda Brooklyn
# BRENDA: Old Irish and Scottish name believed to be of Scandinavian origin, from Old Norse brandr, meaning "sword."


Gender: 2 jkjkjk female

Appearance: (A photo/image can work too, but if there is no photo then please describe with detail.)

Personality: ummmmmmm I'm sorry this is going to be horible even when writing I can't do any personalities for charries but i'll try

Emotionaly unstable (smidgin bi-polar), nice unless you get on her badside (which evidentaly Andrew seems to do every few minutes), a pessismist, serious, anti-social

Other: nope

Meister: Andrew

Type of Weapon you are: sword, of course. Here's a pic:

Soul Resonance Move: Day and night- black and yellow spirals around the sword, hipnotazing the opponent which gives enough time to attack.

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♫ Emily ♫ Heda Lives On ♫ name: Lizzie Sunshine

Age: 15


personality: loud, outspoken, friendly, kind, controlled, sunny

other: likes attention,loves nature, her best friend is a Goth girl named Glimmer.

Meister: Glimmer

type of weapon you are: sword

soul resonance move: element attack - fire, water, earth and air attack opponents all at once

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Name: Coraline 'Cora' Tucker

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cora is kinda short and she has teal hair with bangs and a kind of spikeish hairdo on the back of her head. She wears a white tank top and has cargo pants. For parties she wears a strapless sky blue bubble dress with a little white bow in the middle of the top.

Personality: Cora is an outgoing girl with a positive attitude. She is only unsure when other ask her how to do Black Blood Resonance for you need to be a witch, and have the madness inside you. She was traveling across the world until she reached the DWMA, so she can sometimes be a loner. She also can't bear to see others be hurt by her so she doesn't try to make friends( in the case of Marika). Cora's strong belief system has lead her to becoming one of the most fearless(she hides her fear very well) weapons. Her beliefs also have given her one of the largest souls you may ever find. Unfortunately if you can look at the fine details, it appears that there is a black oozes that fights with the blue of her soul for control. This leads her to being unstable at times, as she is always fighting the black blood for control. Cora hopes that once becoming a death scythe, she will have more control of herself, so becoming a death scythe has been her main goal for a while. Cora is also ADHD, and sometimes zones out. She is also pretty stubborn, so even if you tell her the reasonable answer she'd still probably use her way.

History: Cora's mother was a witch in league with witch Medusa. They both experimented with black blood. Wanting to see which was more effective Medusa replaced all of Crona's blood with the black blood, while Cora's mother replaced half. Showing no sign of becoming a keshian, Cora's mother kicked her out, and erased all memories of Medusa and Crona (that's why Cora doesn't know them). Originally created to destroy the DWMA, Cora is now one of the most diverse weapon(Because her mother is a witch) and is close to becoming a Death Scythe.

Meister: Doesn't need one, because her Black Blood becomes her mister.

Type of Weapon you are: Double-headed scythe, the scythe has a silver hilt, and two three foot long blades. The blades have this design /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\, and the top is black, and the bottom is a cobalt blue.

Soul Resonance Move: Black blood resonance. She has no mister so the black blood in her body comes out and forms a mister, which wields her scythe form. Unfortunately, she can only control where it moves. The damage she can cause usually wasn't intended, but the black blood is still mainly in control. Two blades come out of her elbows when fighting if she isn't using black blood resonance and she can use a smaller version of witch hunter and genie hunter. When using Black Blood Resonance, Cora can use witch, Genie, and sometimes (when her life is at stake or she's really trying hard) Kishin Hunter.

Relatives: Mortura

Crush: nope

Other: The madness sometimes takes hold when she is doing black blood resonance, so she can be very dangerous. She also can use Scythe Protect, a magic move which makes a metal ball around her. She will usually use this before black blood resonance, because it can take 2-3 minuets for black blood resonance to activate. She is also good friends with Marika (or was, before the accident), even though they have totally different personalities.

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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
Wow, that's an awesome character! :)

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Juliet wrote: "Wow, that's an awesome character! :)"

thanks. This is my OC, and I just really wanted to make her... well, real(ish)

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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
It's probably one of the best Oc's i've ever seen.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 295 comments Mod
I agree, it's great!

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Good job :D

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks, I hope you think that she's a good character.

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Meadow ~ (lunahexmoon) | 275 comments Mod
Its a realy good character ^_^ but I thought it wasn't alowed to have witches here?

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Oh, does this cause a problem?

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Meadow ~ (lunahexmoon) | 275 comments Mod
Oh yeah did you read the top comment fully?

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I'm really sorry, I didn't know about it. I'm not really sure what to do now. I could change it, but the other posts wouldn't make much sense...

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Meadow ~ (lunahexmoon) | 275 comments Mod
...Uuuhhhh I'll discuss it with juliet

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ok. And again, I'm sorry.

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Meadow ~ (lunahexmoon) | 275 comments Mod
its fine, me and juliet are still discussing what to do

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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
Name: Hale Colton

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hale's hair is a rough chocolate brown, and about two inches from the roots a warmer coffee color. It’s cut short just below the ears in layers, and semi-long bangs falling over his eyes most of the time. His stress-free eyes are a soft shade of chestnut, rimmed with thick brown lashes.
His skin tone is slightly tanned, and (much to his displeasure) has a short height of 5'4.
Hale usually wears a white undershirt with an unbuttoned short sleeved shirt overtop, matched with plaid knee length shorts and black heelys (shoes with wheels underneath). Occasionally, he’d even wear a plain gray baker boy’s hat and a pair of black leather gloves.

Personality: He’s the type of person who could get thrown around, and pretend like nothing’s happening. Yell at him, and he’ll stare at you blankly. Push him, and he’ll try to make you stop calmly. Try doing anything more, and he’ll blast you to bits in annoyance.
On calm sunny days, his moods would usually lighten up to a stress-free and adventuress attitude.
The rest of the time, don’t be surprised to find his moods unpredictable.

History: In his old home town, people used to call him an out-of-control pyromaniac, due to setting his house on fire multiple times. The odds show that the fire was set on purpose, but Hale tried his best to convince people it was an accident, as it was.
After setting a record of a week with no fires, something went terribly wrong, and an explosion went off and their whole house burned down, taking away Hale’s younger sister Kayla (4 years old) with it.
He stayed in a hospital for a couple of months, and when released, none of his relatives (not even his parents) would invite him into their house again.
He then entered the DWMA, in hopes to be useful by saving lives of innocent humans, especially after taking away one of the rare lives he cared for.

Meister: Aria Green

Type of Weapon you are: A small black hand-held gun, armed with an infinite amount of specialized bullets.
He likes to call them 'flame capacity bullet'.
It shoots multiple rounds at once, one after the other. As it hits its target, it explodes into a ball of flames and fragments, indulging its victim to ashes.
To make it sounds simpler, you could say its almost like a powerful hand held grenade launcher.

Soul Resonance Move: (I'll fill this one in later...)

Crush: Open

Other: (Again, i'll fill in more details later...)

((I hope that's okay..))

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Juliet | 400 comments Mod

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

welcome much. Can he meet her? She doesn't have a partner as of right now.

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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
Yup, just commented in the entrance hall.

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yay, see you there

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Amy-chan | 126 comments Mod
Name: Akemi satsuki {japanese boy name meaning: beautiful sunrise/dawn}

Age: 15

Gender: boy

Appearance: yeah, kinda like this, but without so much get up

Personality: doesn't talk allot, always sticks near cristy, is more outgoing than cristy but still prefers to stay out of peoples' way, he loves to read. oh and i recently discovered that apparently when he is comfortable with the person he is flirtatious

Other: he doesn't like anyone right now, though he might be hard to get to know because he only trusts cristy

Meister: Cristy/winter geko

Type of Weapon you are: {2 types} ninja sword: and shurriken:

Soul Resonance Move: the sword glows gold and truns much longer and thicker, with allot of strenght, and is coated in the meister and weapons souls, making it deadly

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Rachel (BusterBrownBay) | 9 comments Name: Shaunee (Twin) Stark

Age: 14

Gender: girl

Appearance: Brown hair that goes just below her shoulders, but it's usually tied up or back in some way shape or form. Matching brown eyes, and rather tan/brownish skin. 5'6" Her outfits are usually 99% made up of the color black, and also tends to wear slutty skirts and/or low cut shirts. Skinny jeans are a drug to her. also she is BOY CRAAAZZY. and gets obsessed with ONE guy, takes forever to move on, cries about it for months, then picks another guy.

Personality: HUGE EXTREME PERV and tends to talk about her own life and problems A LOT without caring about other people. She's very loyal to her friends though, but her personality is about as pretty as a swimming pool gone green from algae :/ also extremely full of herself, but nonetheless a fun person to be around :) (in small doses)

Other: Everybody calls her Twin. Her best friend, (and meister) is Buster Katt, and they call each other Twin. for some odd reason, people started to pick up on the nickname and call Shaunee 'Twin' even though Buster is her 'soul twin'. Buster, on the other hand, is just too much of her own person for a nickname, and has never had one of her own. (despite the fact Buster tends to assign everybody else a nickname.) She likes to read, but mostly only pervy books can hold her interest.

Meister: Buster Katt

Type of Weapon: Axe (blunt person haha)

Soul Resonance Move: doubles in size, much more intricate looking and glows bright red.

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Cool! I like how you reference her to a pool. I like that stuff. I know I'm not mod, but I like to voice myself... Sorry if i'm annoying.

message 36: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (BusterBrownBay) | 9 comments Not at all! And thank you ^^

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DestinysMaster | 152 comments I'm new!!

Name: akateko yukimi

Age: 16

Gender: F

Appearence: short, black hair with red streaks. Her eyes are gray and she wears a black and red robe with lord death's skull on the right sholder. She has a scar going down the left side of her face.

Personality: smart, serious, and caring. She is kind of dark at times and her flaw is that she basicly has a nervous breakdown when she gets covered in blood. Currently she's on the verge of becoming a keishin so she gets extreamly nervous around people out of fear that she'll hurt them

Other: can fight without a mister and is nearly a keishin

Mister: curently looking

Type of weapon: dual sword

Soul resonance move: unknown

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I'm obnoxious sometimes, so don't mind that... >3<'

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Azeikial | 7 comments Name: Azeikial "Z"/"Zeik" Bright

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is a relatively good-looking guy.his hair is half white half black split straight down the middle normally worn in a layered shaggy styled side swipe worn so that his left eye Is half covered in hair. He wears a jacket that's red on the left side and black and white striped on the right with lord deaths emblem as his zipper puller and he has a black T-shirt under his jacket with the yin yang sign on it respectfully reading dark and light on it.He is about 5'9''. The iris of his eyes are in a yin yang fashion without the dots and his pupils are a bright red color.his skin is a tan olive complexion all year long,good the winter he sports the same style jack but instead of red it's is blue and all the trimmings are of a black and white fluff. On special occasions he wairs a simple pin stripe suit with the death emblem on his bow tie.his soul is black and white down the middle and is always shown smiling and it had a side swipe.

Personality: calm and always very rational in battle he likes to try to predict and calculate the outcome of battles. He always feels as if nothing matters and if he dies he dies but feels that he needs to kill anything that he fight unless in a spar. But deep down he loves life and will protect his friends no matter what.but because of his bloodlust he will often loose control of himself and attack psychotically when he gets like this his soul wavelength will be thrown off harming times He is also very submissive to certain people, notably men.

Other: he is autonomous but prefers to fight with a partner. He has a decent soul perception because of his father being a meister. He also has the ability to use his soul as a shield.

Meister: currently no one seeing as he is a first year new student.

Weapon type: duel clawed gauntlets left being platinum colored with black detail with two angle wings with black feather out line on either side that are used as blades with the nails being black and the right being black with white detail it has two demon wings with white scale out line on either side also used as blades with white nails.the gauntlets focus the meisters soul wavelength it the claws and blades allowing for much Stronger hits he also has the power the focus small orblets of concentrated soul wavelength and shoot them as dark or light blasts (he becomes an autonomous By changing his one of his arms into one of his arm gauntlets)

Soul resonance: hand of fate: a punch with the left gauntlet that causes an explosion of light
Claw of hate: a slash with the right gauntlet that nearly cuts the opponent in half
Twilight barrage: a combo of hand of fate and claw of hate
Twilight blast: a giant orb of swirling black and white energy fired at the opponent if used more then twice both azeikial And meister may die.

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Amy-chan | 126 comments Mod
Awesome charrie!!!

message 42: by Azeikial (new)

Azeikial | 7 comments Thank you very much and I improved all this oh theater it makes improv and char develoupment so easy

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Amy-chan | 126 comments Mod
Sorry, i beg your pardon? what did you just say? i understood the very first part, but not much more

message 44: by Azeikial (new)

Azeikial | 7 comments Oh nothing referring to how theater has made me creative

message 45: by Amy-chan, Tsubaki, Black*Star, and Sid. (new)

Amy-chan | 126 comments Mod
oh, i understand, thanks for explaining!

message 46: by Azeikial (new)

Azeikial | 7 comments It's all cool

message 47: by Amy-chan, Tsubaki, Black*Star, and Sid. (new)

Amy-chan | 126 comments Mod
good, and sorry

message 48: by Cielo (new)

Cielo (Cielo0) | 2 comments Name: Tom Tenebrae

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: You see a boy leaning up against a wall. His hair color is that of a black raven's, and his eyes are a dark-green color. He wears a dark-green T-shirt and black jeans. He wears black boots, but you can't tell where they end. His pale skin contrasts greatly with his outfit.

Personality: You go up and try to talk to him. You learn that he is hyper and annoying. You and him engage in a verbal argument, and he is calm. You learn that he has A.D.H.D. and claustrophobia, like his sister.

Other: You watch as he and his sister start doing complicated gymnastics moves and complicated martial arts moves.

Meister: You watch as the girl you met earlier introduces you to him. You learn that she is both his meister and his sister. Her name is Kylanna.

Type of Weapon you are: You ask him what he is in weapon form. He replies that he is a scythe, a scythe with a black blade and a black handle.

Soul Resonance Move: Later, you see them performing a soul resonance. The scythe in the girl's hand glows, then expands into a double bladed black scythe. "Dark Night" you soon learn is the name of that powerful move.

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Witchy Name:Ember Kriyas



Appearance:Ember Kriyas has long red hair pulled into a braid.It is pulled up with a black ribbon with lord death skulls on the ends.She has Golden eyes.She always has a look of cheer in her eyes.She has fair skin ecept for the freakles on her nose.She wears a black tee with a red plaid vest.She wears a red plaid mini skirt with a black belt.She wears black high heeled boots.Around her neck is a loose neacklace with lord death scull on it.She also wears glasses.

Personality:Ember can be....a little to cheerful sometimes.She can be ditsty and crazy.But when you get her mad or her friends are in danger,she goes a little evil.Ok very evil and protective.During times when seriousness iss despretly needed she is serious and observent

Other:Ember has a little brown bird that follows he around.


Type of Weapon you are:Two sided axe fighting that is pich black

Soul Resonance Move:The axe gets big and an purple mist forms around it.When it strikes,it causes somthing like a a purple wind scar.

Antje གརས པཅ Parker Hi Samantha :D You wanna be partners with Lea?

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