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Switching the babies (for those who read the book)

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Pandora Twain's ends the book with the idea that there is no happiness when the truth of the switch is found out. I was wondering what people's thoughts about that are. Should the switch had been made? Could any of the characters find any good from learning the truth about themselves. Would the characters had be better off not learning the truth.

Aimee I read this for book club a few months ago. Quick easy read and I enjoyed it. Mark wain's humor and wit is very entertaining. It's obvious he has spent time in the deep south. A slave mother who looks white has a baby at the same time her master's wife does but the master's wife dies in childbirth. So she's left to raise both children and decides to switch them in hopes that her son will have a better life than she does. It's interesting and leads to a great discussion.

Somdutta This book has an element of suspense along with the subject of slavery which we find in Mark Twain's books.The actual climax of the book is the final few chapters where the real murderer is caught.It is an interesting read.

Kressel Housman You can't blame Roxy for what she did. To me, the most interesting character we don't learn about is the white boy raised as a slave. All we learn is that once raised there, he finds it hard to acclimate to being anything else.

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