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message 1: by Deb (new)

Deb (absoloodle) | 20 comments Hi folks. I'm Deb, currently from Mesa, AZ. I love a good mystery/thriller, and I recently read a stellar one!

If you haven't read The Last Child, John Hart, please do. I highly recommend it. It spans several genres, but the riveting mystery is threaded throughout, until the very last page. There are lots of great mysteries that absorb us during the reading. Often we remember the author, colorful characters, and somewhat less often, the actual story.

This story, and the quality of the writing is a tall poppy...a rate buster. It is THAT much better than most mystery/thrillers I've read. It belongs in the same elevated category with DeMille's Charm School, Marathon Man and Boys From Brazil. That's a pretty heady group!

message 2: by Donna, Co-Moderator (new)

Donna | 2178 comments Mod
Hi Deb. The Last Child has been on my TBR list for a while and it sounds like you are a big fan of John Hart's work. He should hire you!

Thanks for the recommendation and welcome to the group.

message 3: by Deb (new)

Deb (absoloodle) | 20 comments Thanks Donna. I'm prone to verbosity. And that's what my friends say!

I tend to alternate between whodunnits and highly rated contemporary literature. When I find one that spans the genres, I shout it from the rooftops.

You won't regret taking the time to read The Last Child.

message 4: by Hayes, Co-Moderator (new)

Hayes (hayes13) | 2060 comments Mod
Welcome to the group, Deb.

message 5: by Deb (new)

Deb (absoloodle) | 20 comments Thank you, Hayes!

message 6: by stan (new)

stan (stanthewiseman) | 141 comments Welcome from GB

message 7: by Deb (new)

Deb (absoloodle) | 20 comments Much appreciated Stan.

message 8: by Dorie (new)

Dorie (dorieann) | 464 comments Welcome, Deb. I totally agree with you about The Last Child. I already loved John Hart so grabbed the book when it came out. The beginning just about tore my heart out. His next book is tentatively titled Iron House and is due out in May.

message 9: by Deb (new)

Deb (absoloodle) | 20 comments Dorie, Thanks! I bought The King of Lies (ebook), after reading The Last Child and intend to get the one published just prior to Last Child.

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