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message 1: by Heather (new)

Heather (pheather) Why?

message 2: by Shayne (new)

Shayne | 49 comments A part that makes me laugh is the culmination in Chapter 40 of the misunderstanding between Mrs Jennings and Elinor:

"Lord bless you, my dear! Sure you do not mean to persuade me that the Colonel only marries you for the sake of giving ten guineas to Mr. Ferrars!"

I think the part that makes me happiest is Edward's revelation that he's free to marry Elinor; although I do have trouble believing that Lucy could so easily get Robert to marry her. He seems too self-interested for that.

The part that annoys me most is Willoughby's attempt at self-justification. I find him loathsome in the way he speaks of the girl he's ruined. Like Mrs Jennings, I hope his wife plagued him!

I like the book best when Austen holds back from explaining her characters' thoughts, and trusts to her own skill in portraying them. Her later books are better in this regard, I think.

message 3: by Renee (new)

Renee I'm not finished with book yet however I find it interesting the conversations on age. Women/daughters are barely in their teens but the family seems in a great hurry to marry them off to men old enough to be their fathers! I think the discussion between Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne of Colonel Brandon's age is so funny! Marianne said he was on the "wrong side of 35." What does that mean? It's ok if you are 17 and married to someone 13 to 15 yers older....but not to someone twice your age.

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Renee Hi all!

I just finished S & S! I have to say that I liked the conversations between Elinor and Lucy. Both women were trying to gather information about Edward Ferrars from each other. So clever...so sly...it was like watching a fencing match!

message 5: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Wood | 49 comments Yay! I liked the Elinor/Lucy conversations best too! So much going on. Lucy kinda knows that Elinor's interested, but not how much, and Elinor's determined to fend off improper behavior and prying. Elinor's reserve and careful words are like a lockbox and Lucy's just banging her head on the door. Marianne/Margaret/Mommy are Elinor's only chink in the armour. They love to talk about Edward.

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie i liked the part at the very end when Col. Brandon married and got what he wanted! :)

message 7: by Hope (new)

 Hope | 35 comments I don't exactly have a favorite part, but I love the part when Elinor finds out that Edward did NOT get married!

message 8: by J. (new)

J. Rubino (jrubino) | 215 comments I love the scene where Fanny Dashwood argues John down from a generous gift to his family to a tepid general offer to help them move their belongings out of her house. There are a host of wonderful scenes in Austen, but for comic structure, insight in to character, and biting wit, I don't think this scene can be beat.

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