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d4 | 109 comments Mod
I based the folder names from another book club on here just to save time. More folders can be added/deleted as needed. So far we have:

Rules/Important Announcements - For when we decide on some basic governing rules to keep people from alienating one another.

Group Reads Discussion - This will be to discuss books we are reading as a group.

Newbies Corner - Introduce yourself as if we don't already know who you are. I do hope to expand this group beyond those of us who know each other too well already.

General Daily Randomness - Anything that falls outside of the other folders, I suppose. Current news relevant to our interests, websites you should check out that aren't porn, anything really.

Questions About The Group - Help shape the group with suggestions, etc.

General Books Related Banter - If you just wanna talk about what a book nerd you are (for example, "OMGZ, BOOK COVERS ARE SEXY!!!11111") or discuss books that clearly fall outside the realm of those meant for this book club. (You can talk about Harry Potter here, but I won't read it.)

Wanna Discuss This Novel? - If you're independently reading a book that you want to talk about NOW and cannot wait for it to become an official selection for the group--although it may be one in the future.

Recommendations, Anyone? - If you're seeking book recommendations, in general or related to humane education, or if you want to recommend a book.

Movie Talk - Discuss movies.

Fun & Games - This folder is usually filled with things to waste time such as "The Title Game," "The Person Below Me" (TWSS), "Author Alphabet," "Book/Movie/Song Association," and other such completely meaningless garbage. ;)

Book Swap - Kind of obvious, neh?

Book Related Events - This is where news of any IRL meetups will occur or news of book signings, etc.

Spammers Circle In Hell - This is where your post goes if it's uber annoying.

Any other folder recommendations or changes you think should be made? Post them in the "Questions About the Group" folder. :P

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John Atcheson | 2 comments How do I comment on a book we're reading? For example, several people have signaled that they are reading or intend to read Quinn's book. I read it years ago, and don't know how to say that ...


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