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Lara's 2011 Reads

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Lara Searcy (larasearcy) I made my goal of 50 for 2010... here's to 104! in 2011!

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Lara Searcy (larasearcy) 2010 READS...

50. Remembering the Forgotten God: Francis Chan (2010-2011) #119pgs

49. Forgotten God: Francis Chan (2010-2011) #186pgs

48. Love and War: Eldredge (2010-2011) #222pgs

47. Transforming Learning with New Technologies (Fall2010) #356pgs

46. A Tale of Two Cities: Charles Dickens (12/28/10) #376pgs

45. Number the Stars: Lois Lowry (12/18/10) #137pgs

44. The Giver: Lois Lowry (12/14/10) #179pgs

43. The Curious Incident of the Dog...: Mark Haddon (11/24/10) #226pgs

42. Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows (10/30/10) #759pgs

41. Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian (10/19/10) #381pgs

40. Mockingjay: Suzanne Collins (10/02/10) #400pgs

39. Catching Fire: Suzanne Collins (09/28/10) #391pgs

38. Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins (09/25/10) #384pgs

37. Magnificent Obsession: Lloyd C. Jones (09/06/10) #330pgs

36. Her Fearful Symmetry: Audrey Niffenegger (09/03/10) #405pgs

35. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (08/28/10) #290pgs

34. Father Fiction: Donald Miller (08/07/10) #195pgs

33. Eat, Pray, Love: Elizabeth Gilbert (08/02/10) #334pgs

32. A New Earth: Eckhart Tolle (07/28/10) #309pgs

31. The Lucky One: Nicholas Sparks (07/26/10) #326pgs

30. Pride and Prejudice (x2): Jane Austen (07/25/10) #375pgs

29. How to Read Literature Like a Professor: T.C. Foster (07/14/10) #299pgs

28. Mister Pip: Lloyd Jones (07/13/10) #256pgs

27. Crazy Love: Francis Chan (07/13/10) #205pgs

26. Song of Solomon: Toni Morrison (07/07/10) #341pgs

25. Girls in Trucks: Katie Crouch (07/01/10) #241pgs

24. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: Donald Miller (06/29/10) #255pgs

23. Great Expectations: Charles Dickens (06/27/10) #531pgs

22. Crank: Ellen Hopkins (06/21/10) #537pgs

21. True Believer: Nicholas Sparks (06/15/10) #334pgs

20. Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth (06/10/10) #361pgs

19. Suite Francaise: Irene Nemirovsky (05/31/10) #431pgs

18. Speak: Laurie Halse Anderson (05/26/10) #198 pgs

17. Runner: Carl Deuker (05/07/10) #224pgs

16. Midnighters: Scott Westerfield (05/05/10) #297 pgs

15. Redeeming Love: Francine Rivers (04/23/10) #464pgs

14. Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse (04/19/10) #312pgs

13. The Irrestible Revolution: Shane Claibourne (04/03/10) #367pgs

12. Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters (03/27/10) #279pgs

11. The Last Song: Nicholas Sparks (03/17/10) #413pgs

10. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief (03/14/10) #375pgs

9. The Penelopiad: Margaret Atwood (03/12/10) #216pgs

8. The Time Traveler's Wife: Audrey Niffenegger (03/07/10) #537pgs

7. Searching for God Knows What: Donald Miller (02/25/10) #246pgs

6. Dear John: Nicholas Sparks (02/05/10) #335pgs

5. Life of Pi: Yann Martel (01/31/10) #326pgs

4. Same Kind of Different as Me: Ron Hall and Denver Moore (01/28/10) #245pgs

3. The Road: Cormac McCarthy (01/16/10) #287pgs

2. Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince (01/09/10) #652pgs

1. Drops Like Stars: Rob Bell (01/05/10) #208pgs

=15,725 PGS! I am SO proud of my reading this year... I feel I can attribute a lot of it to my summer by the pool! :) I participated in three book clubs this year (Goodreads, English Dept, and English Club/Advisory reads), which was also great motivation. I like to vary my reading with different genres and I felt I was able to read a variety this year. However, if I had to pick a favorite for the year, I would have to say it was a tie with Audrey Niffenegger's Her Fearful Symmetry and the first book in The Hunger Games series. I got sucked into both of them and I was surprised how much I liked them since both are not my typical "type." Thus, I can not judge a book by its genre! ;)

What were your favorite books of the year that I should add to my 2011/perpetual "to read" list? Here's to 2011's goal of hitting 50 AGAIN! HAPPY READING!

message 3: by Lesley (new)

Lesley | 149 comments Thanks, Lara... lots of good books on your list... I read 25 from your list! You convinced me to add "Her Fearful Symmetry" to my to-read list

message 4: by Jen (new)

Jen | 90 comments I've read 19 from your list, and I've got at least 7 others on my to-read list. :) I love seeing what others are reading. You know, I tried to read "Her Fearful Symmetry" this year and just couldn't get into it. I got maybe 3 chapters in and quit. Maybe I need a different frame of mind next time I pick it up...I LOVED Time Traveler's Wife.

message 5: by Lara (new)

Lara Searcy (larasearcy) I DID NOT like Time Traveler's Wife (especially the second part), but really enjoyed Her Fearful Symmetry... interesting! ;) Give it another try, and yes, it is a very odd storyline. However, part of the reason I probably really got into it is because I'm a twin, ha! ;) P.S. Her name is LESLEY-- spelled the same way, so when I got a message in my inbox about your post, I first thought it was from my sister, ha.

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I haven't read Chan yet, but have heard he's great.

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