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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole does anyone else hate it when people compare these two series?

it really grates on my nerves, considering HP is so much better!

message 2: by Kataury (new)

Kataury hm... I don't know. I never read the Hp series. too boring and twilight just made me irritated.

message 3: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) Eh, whatever. People can be as messed up as they want, so long as they leave Robin Hood out of it :)

message 4: by Kataury (new)

Kataury *stifles laugh* yeah.... robin mff! hahaahahahaha! XD

message 5: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) HEY!!!! That's not nice. *sigh* My nose is Drizzlin'.

message 6: by Kataury (last edited Jul 31, 2008 08:36PM) (new)

Kataury *glares lasers* hey hey. watch it tights.

message 7: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) Excuse me? Watch my tights? Hon, in case you don't know me, I don't usually wear tights. Unless, of course, you're talkin' fishnets.

message 8: by ☼☼Khloe☼☼~*~Thirteenth Step~*~, The one who just looks good in tights (new)

☼☼Khloe☼☼~*~Thirteenth Step~*~ (tripoddog) | 712 comments Mod
sorry people I havn't been posting for a while cause a retarded girl at my soccer game in a tournament slide tackled me and broke my ankle in two places! I had sergery today so now it doesn't hurt as bad. Anyways, I think Harry Potter sounds better but I've never actually read this books, I have only seen the movie.

message 9: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) Oh my gosh, Khloe!! I'm so sorry!!!!

message 10: by Kataury (new)

Kataury Ow!! That must really suck!!

message 11: by Jamain (new)

Jamain (justcallmejj) | 15 comments Twilight is so much better than harry potter. Harry Potter is so totally for kids. And if you read the hp book again you probably just get bored any way. I think Harry potter is only popular because of the movie.
(so sorry J.K Rowlings)

message 12: by Gemma, The Bitchy One (new)

Gemma | 357 comments Mod
Harry Potter is much more original and enjoyable than Twilight. JK Rowling created an entirely new universe while Stephanie Meyer used the "vampire" legend to create a world of Mary Sues.

From what I can tell, there are really no spectacular consequences of being a vampire. You SPARKLE? Maybe you have to keep a low profile?

message 13: by Jamain (new)

Jamain (justcallmejj) | 15 comments What do you mean more original, flying brooms and hideous black hat that talks. I do agree that Harry Potter can be read by people of all ages, but having a guy read about twilight can expand their knowledge about girls.
(not trying to offend JK Rowling just got pissed)

message 14: by Gemma, The Bitchy One (new)

Gemma | 357 comments Mod
More original in the sense that she created an entire society from wizard professions and households to the subjects they study in school. Im not a crazy Harry Potter fan -- I just appreciate how much effort J.K. Rowling put into creating her own universe.

Twilight will only make boys want to run in the opposite direction. We aren't all negative, self-loathing, self-pitying, judgemental bitches. (seriously!! we swear!)

message 15: by ☼☼Khloe☼☼~*~Thirteenth Step~*~, The one who just looks good in tights (new)

☼☼Khloe☼☼~*~Thirteenth Step~*~ (tripoddog) | 712 comments Mod
If we were all like Bella Swan, I think all of humanity would be doomed. I mean seriously come on! Only needy, lonely, desperate idiots would go around chasing things that want to eat you!!

message 16: by Gemma, The Bitchy One (new)

Gemma | 357 comments Mod
In my mind, the entire world being filled with Bella Swan's would be equally catastrophic as the sun exploding.

message 17: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 19 comments Hey, you know what really sucks for Harry Potter? (Well, it concerns the movies, and the movies are really just eh compared to the books, but still...) So I guess Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie is being moved to next summer (T_T), and guess what movie is taking its slot on November Twenty First? Yup, none other than TWILIGHT. (HAHAAHAHA-wait, what?)

Seriously, ughhh this sucks. I can't believe they moved Potter, it sucks. Then to have this rubbish in its place?! Ickkkk..

Honestly though, I was going to see the movie, to see if it would actually have a PLOT and some CHARACTER DEPTH (hearin' me Stephenie?!) as compared to the book.

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarabeth120) | 5 comments I hate it when they're compared since there is no comparison between the two. Not only because they are in completely different genres, but also because Harry Potter is written so much better than Twilight.

Rowling spent YEARS creating an entire different world. She has several notebooks and boxes filled with information about characters and creatures we barely even see! Meyer has NONE of that.

Plus, Harry Potter has a much bigger fanbase, it appeals to people of all ages and genders while Twilight appeals mostly to teenage girls and women in their thirties.

And to Jamain: have you even read the last couple of Harry Potter books? There is hardly anything childish about them. They're pretty dark! Also, Harry Potter is not famous because of the movies. It was first published back in the late nineties, at least three years before the movies even started being made. That's plenty of time to get a big fanbase. The movies have nothing to do with it.

I could really go on and on about how much better Harry Potter is, but it's late and I'm tired, so I won't./

message 19: by Ellie (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:16AM) (new)

Ellie | 19 comments UGHHHH. She makes me so mad (Meyer)!!!

My friend (who loves the series, gag), told me that Meyer wanted Breaking Dawn to be made into two movies. Now, for the Harry Pot-heads, such as myself, you will know that that is EXACTLY what they are doing with Deathly Hallows! So WTF Meyer, stop ripping off the Potter Franchise (even though, I admit, it is a bit corrupted, but still) because its just gonna cause MORE comparasin (sp?) between Harry Potter and that rubbish, UGH.

Plus, this same friend said that Meyer did some interview or some spit, I'm not sure, and she emailed me the questions to try and persuade me on the idea that the books fail. But she said Meyer said this about Breaking Dawn: "Bella overcame the major obstacles in her path and fought her way to the place she wanted to be. I suppose I could try to prolong her story unnaturally, but it wouldn't be interesting enough to keep me writing. Stories need conflict, and the conflicts that are Bella-centric are resolved."

DUDE, WTF!?!?!?!

Okay, yeah, obstacles, uh-huh. Like what? Getting a perfect cottage in the woods sexing it up with your perfect incredibly sexy husband, and watching your Mary-Sue spawn demon baby without any battles or sacrifices (she still got her dad, and Jacob), or ANYTHING but perfection? Yeah, your totally right. She lost NOTHING, she did nothing, she fails EPICLLY, and is a Mary-Sue! Ugh! How can Meyer say she overcame any obstacles. Like what, humanity?

message 20: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) I totally agree with you. In a good, well-rounded story, the character loses something. Usually of a lot of worth to them. What did Bella loose? Her mom? Big whoop, even Deadward said that you would get over it. *Fumes*

message 21: by Phantompickles (new)

Phantompickles Twilight and Harry Potter are similar commercially - and that's where all similarity ends. I'm certainly not saying that the HP series is serious literature, but they ARE undeniably good in some aspects. Though it annoyed the hell out of me that there were so many printing mistakes in copies I have. I enjoy reading and rereading them, and not in the sadomasochistic way I like reading things like Eragon. *shudders* The story was a bit cliche - but that's OKAY. Cliches can work if the writer knows what they're doing. Just like Mary Sues can work in a story if they're handled properly. (We all know Harry scored some points on the Mary Sue litmus test. ;)) Rowling made it so that we cared what happened to the characters. Even Peter Pettigrew, who was a coward who sold out his friends, she managed to make us feel sorry for him when he kicks the bucket. Does SM do that? I think not. I was actually HOPING that Bella would die. (A girl can fantasize, can't she?)
And the fact of it is, you will find almost NO male fans of Twilight. (NO, ONE OR TWO GUYS DO NOT COUNT SO DON'T EVEN TRY THAT FUCKWITTERY WITH ME JAMAIN.) And may all the gods help your sorry soul if you think Bella Swan is even a mildly accurate representation of the majority of teenage girls.

message 22: by Heisey (new)

Heisey | 10 comments what, did you skim it? hp7 is the best written, with the characters quite complex and human. (although order of the pheonix is really good for that aspect)
i read half of twilight and i was incredibly bored. my sister says it gets better later on, but the harry potter books had me from the first page.

plus, i read the synopsis of all of the twilight books, and they had me gagging from lack of decent plot.

message 23: by Gemma, The Bitchy One (new)

Gemma | 357 comments Mod
yeah that should be mentioned on the side of the book

WARNING: reading twilight may induce gagging, vomiting, loss of hope in humanity, spontaneous combustion.

message 24: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Nicole wrote: "does anyone else hate it when people compare these two series?

it really grates on my nerves, considering HP is so much better!"

i do

message 25: by Shakhi (new)

Shakhi (duude) | 75 comments Harry Potter all the way!
Can't believe actually put them in the same sentence actually...

message 26: by Ain020596 (new)


message 27: by Maddie (new)

Maddie zooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

message 28: by Maddie (new)

Maddie harry potter is gr8! twilight is a terrible book!

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Maddie wrote: "harry potter is gr8! twilight is a terrible book!"

I agree with you Maddie

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