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Rebecca (rem is me and im madly in love with gaara (iluvugaaranomatterwot) | 13 comments Name: Riku Sagachi
Height: 5'4
Weapons: HyourouGan ,Twin-Bladed Kunai ,Concealed Mouth Ember, fuuma shuriken and Hari.
More: Shes from Hidden Village of Waterfall - Shibuki, shes an Medical-Nin and is also a Jounin!! (she is the first ever strong ninja from the waterfall village!!)

I'm a twilight freak! | 4 comments Name: Sasha Omogati
Age: 13
Height: 4'8
Weapons: Kunai and Shuriken. (Is still training)
More: Shes from Hidden Village of Waterfall being taught by Riku and Kotage.

Naruto is cool... | 5 comments Name: Khalid Tshendi
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Weapons: HyourouGan ,Handleless Kunai ,Concealed Mouth Ember, Dai Shuriken.
More: From Hidden Village of Mist - Mizukage, discovered theHidden Village of Waterfall and now teaches their along with Riku he is awed because no one in the waterfall village were meant to be good fighters until he met Riku.

Rebecca (rem is me and im madly in love with gaara (iluvugaaranomatterwot) | 13 comments you all came on at the time i told you to!!

*rem is filled with happiness*

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Rebecca (rem is me and im madly in love with gaara (iluvugaaranomatterwot) | 13 comments Oh hey Nickie.. im not too happy that you copied alot of the ideas -.-+

Naruto is cool... | 5 comments Rem you are nieve and don't call me nickie... or ill call u ruby :P

I'm a twilight freak! | 4 comments Rebeccas still here...

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Leader Echo Name: Kiha Tenishu
Age: 14
Weapons:Kunai, Shuriken, makibishi, concealed mouth ember, exploding pouch, exploding smoke grenade, windmill shuriken.
Extra: The seven-tailed demon raccoon (i made that up, i dont know what the seven tailed one is) is inside her. She is a ninja from Hidden mist and is friends with none. She lives alone in reject.

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akane uchiha (akaneuchiha) | 65 comments name;akane uchiha
age 16
weapons daggers swords
extra she is a neko nd doesnt really talk unless its someone she knows

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name Shirka Lu Ten(Actualy It's Kakashi because she's Kakashi sensei's brother's wife's daughter : ) )

age 18

Appearence and you see that knife scabbord that is totaly visible on her thigh? That would be her headband : )

WeponsSo obviously her mad acrobatic skizllz, she uses her awsome and cosmic power, and she's coustimized her headband as a scabbord so she can easily show she's ninja, but it's very handy for keeping knives, candy and stuff.

Personality"Look at me wrong, I swear on the Hokage I will kill you on the spot"

Skills "Oh well, you really wanna know? Yes? To bad, I;m not sayin'anything"

OtherIf you wanna keep it short, I'm basicly a female mirror of Gaara of The Desert. Which is why I must find him. Plus....I once fell in love with him, then I left the Sand Village. It's been may years now. I wonder if he even remembers me..
Oh yeah. I'm a direct bloodline of the Bei Fong Family, so I have a sort of, sharingon/byokuga/ It's called Mi Nata. It allows me to be in direct connection with the elemts, allowing me to be the ultimate combat machine. The problem is, what allows me to do this is a demon looked inside me. Yeah yeah, I'm host to a demon, get over it. No I don't know what it is so don't try. My symbols are in a string on the smal of my back, the first, for water is Perservearence, the next, Air is innocence, and Sound is hypnotize.

Hey guys, I'm Zoe. I just started Naruto, so you'll need to help me. ; ) like, A LOT.

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(I don't feel like typing out everything every single time. Anyone can use it if they want)





Squad Number (genin):

Squad Members (genin):

Squad Leader (genin):






Chakra Nature ( Wind, Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water):

Kekei Genkai (if any):




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Name: Ku Don

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Rank: Jonin

Squad Number (genin): none

Squad Members (genin): none

Squad Leader (genin): none

Village: Hidden Leaf

Appearance: Ku has brunett hair that she wears in an Anko-styled updo. Ku also wears a cropped shirt that goes to her belly button and stops. She wears elbow-lenght gloves and arm guards over those. Ku has a rather large belt for storing her small knives, and her pants cut off below her knees. She has the usual shoes, and they go to her ankle. She also has dark brown eyes.

Personality: Ku is a sweet and sour kind of girl, to put it simply. She has a cool attitude, and at the same time, a hot and fierce temper. She is a slick person, being able to make it past guards and has mainly done rescue or escort operations, making her an experienced bodyguard, and in the art of defensive jutsu. Ku is also a person that is hard to please, making her one of the toughest evaluators in all of the Hidden Leaf Village. She likes dumplings and the color black. SHe has also been to all five great nations, and respects the five kages to a very large extent. If there is a problem, or someone needs to be taken off the earth, she is the one given the mission, showing just how much she is trusted and respected.

History: Ku is from the Hidden Leaf Village. Her parents died during a mission when she was five. She quit her ninja training (she was enrolled when she was four), and ran away. She became a nomad, and no one had heard from her in years. She'd pass by villages, and there'd be reports of a Leaf shinobe who wandered the world. She trained in her skills, and the skills of other nations while she was away. After five years people stopped hearing about her appearances, and she was believed to have died. She then came back to the Leaf Village, ten years after she had left, and took part in the chunin exams. She did amazingly well, and was made a chunin. A year after that, she proved how much she had learned, in an extremely dangerous assassination mission, and was promoted to a jonin. She is extremely respected, and was almost a nominee for the next Hokage, however, she turned it down, saying that she would rather be out on the battle field.

Jutsu: Ku is a master of taijutsu. She can do many different types of martial arts, and is a perfect assassin. She also has a few weapons all round her. Especially the two hair pins she wears. They are two six inch long needles, but when she takes them out of her ponytail ( she still has a band, so it stays up) and they can become deadly weapons. Ku also knows some ninjutsu.

Chakra Nature ( Wind, Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water): Fire

Kekei Genkai (if any):

Family: all dead, for a while, Ku was a nomad

Crush: open

Other: She also does missions for assassination, and made a jonin at age 16, 10 months after becoming a chunin.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Sweet.

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