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akane uchiha (akaneuchiha) | 65 comments darkened heart jutsu

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Frozentime Jutsu, freeze time for seconds

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akane uchiha (akaneuchiha) | 65 comments kool mskes a pure heart taited for a few minutes

message 4: by Simply (new)

Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Sexy No Jutsu (For girls)
a) by focusing your chakra on your fore head, you can temprarily change into an attractive man

b) by focusing your chakra at the base of the spine, a girl may make herself look more attracive.

Elemet Jutsu

Fire= By making quick, alomst acrobatic movemants with one's body, focus chakra on palms, to make/ control fire. Make dragon hand sign to activate

Water= By focusing Chakra into the crown of the skull and palms, one may have control over nearby water, ex; moving and freexing water, use fish hand symbol

Earth= boar hand symbol, forcus chakra in two parts, negitvw to your head and throat, positive to hands and feet

Air= Bird hand symbol, Focus chakra on you chest, gives you ability to control wind and air

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