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C.S Lewis Screwtape Letters.

I read this about three years ago and found this book most intriguing. It really makes you contemplate religion and your personal moral standards.

Lewis was utterly brilliant in his writting as he wrote as if he was a devil trying to pull us humans into his world.

This book opened my mind and made me really exam myself. Screwtape tried just simple ways of tempting the humans- simple like making them feel as though it is okay to say the same prayer over and over again to where there is no longer real meaning.

Huge eye opener. Great book. Must read. I will read this again!

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Reggia | 15 comments I looked at this today for the umpteenth time; I really MUST get around to it soon.

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Barbara | 19 comments I have also read The Screwtape Letters. Have you read "The Chronicles of Narnia?" There is wonderful Christian symbolism in those books. They may have been written for children, but can be read by adults at a totally different level.

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