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Introduce yourself and state your reading goal for 2011

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message 1: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
My name is Missy. I want to read 50 books this year and over 2011 pages before Valentines Day. I look forward to participating in this challenge with my daughter and am very grateful that I get to share a love of reading with her.

message 2: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 16 comments My name is Brooke. I want to read 60 books this year. I also want to read 2500 pages before Easter. I'm very happy to be in this group with my mom and I can't wait to start reading.

message 3: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 7 comments The name is Laura. Major poet. I hope to read a 100 books by the fourth of July. And at least 3000 pages by March.

message 4: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Hi Missy and Brooke - Merry Christmas!

I'd be glad to join your challenge. I don't know about page numbers as I usually "read" audiobooks but I love to read and will make my goal 100 books in 2011.

message 5: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 7 comments More on me. I am a goth. Parents are divorced and I love books. I read to escape stress from school. I'm a little outsider. Not many friends. So I also need to learn how to set goals to get me through life.

message 6: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Welcome Laura and Sheila! I feel like a slacker for only picking 50 but I know how busy I get running kids back and forth. Also Merry Christmas. I got a gift card to Barnes and Noble and can't decide which books I want to get. I have a nook and now two out of my 3 daughters have one too. The pages I post are going to be nook pages. I have no idea if they are different but I guess it doesn't matter. I guess I better finish up the ones I am reading now so I will be ready to start on Jan 1.

message 7: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 7 comments My favorite author is Richard A. Knaack. I got one of his books for christmas. Ha. 13 and I love books more than my English teacher!!!!! I would read anything though..... Religion, Myth, Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Sci'fi. ANd I am a major Roleplayer and World of Warcraft player.

message 8: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Laura, love that you have an open mind to read different genres. I had a few friends that play WOW. I never got into it though. Glad you have joined us.

message 9: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Wow, a very varied group so far isn't it? A little bit about me. I've been married to the same great guy for 36 years. I will be turning the big 6-0 in April and have recently retired after 36 years as a respiratory therapist. I was just thinking that this was the first holiday season that I didn't have to work either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. My two grown children can't remember me ever being at the holiday events. As I said I have 2 children a married daughter in Virginia (I'm in snowy Illinois) and a married son locally. He has my two grandsons ages 7 and 1.

I actually haven't been reading for pleasure for all that long. Brooke and Laura you are so blessed that you enjoy reading already. I was in my 50's before I figured it out. I actually had to ask the library to recommend some books for me because I was clueless what to read.

message 10: by Shelia (new)

Shelia | 2 comments Hello!!! My name is Shelia (Grams)! I've been married for 40 years to the same man and we have 2 grown/married daughters which have given us 5 beautiful granddaughters. BTW, Missy is my daughter and Brooke is my granddaughter!!!! I love to read, but haven't taken the time to read lately. I want to take this challenge on to get back into reading!! Thanks Missy for putting this together.

message 11: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 7 comments I actually have not read since I picked up the pen and paper and started writing poetry. Or when I got in fights at school with guys.

message 12: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 77 comments Hi I'm Trish and I LOVE to read. I got a nook for christmas this year and plan to fill it up with all kinds of great books. I have two daughters and the youngest is just starting to get the reading bug. I have been reading since I was in high school. I am currently reading Kidnap & Ransom by Michelle Gagnon that I got from a book club I just quit (they sent me three books a month of their choosing), my next is Murder in Plain Sight by Marta Perry (also from the club), then Salvation in Death by J.D. Robb (I have read most of the in Death books by her and I love them all) and then finally I will read Don't Blink by James Patterson which is currently and the first download on my nook.

message 13: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 7 comments Currently Reading: Diary of Anne Frank
Legend of Huma
Dragons of Winter Night
Breaking Dawn
Blood Drive
The Lord of The Dead
The Oddysy
The Illiad
and I forget the rest.......

message 14: by Dar B (new)

Dar B (ruminatingbulls) | 121 comments I'm Darla, a middle age mom of three boys, and married to the best husband ever for over 17 1/2 years. I was stationed with Missy in the Navy, way back before my second baby and before she was married.

I have loved to read for all of my life but I would let it consume me and do nothing else (even forgo sleeping and cooking) if I did not set limits. I plan on reading at least 20 books this year but no more than 36.

Thank you, Missy, for setting this up!

message 15: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) Hi, I'm Lisa. A 44 yr. old mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. My goal for 2011 is 225 books. As far as the page number, I couldn't begin to guess.
For this year (2010), I'm on book 212 right now and hope to get to 215 by the end of the week.

message 16: by I'm Sandra Dee (last edited Dec 25, 2010 10:17PM) (new)

I'm Sandra Dee (imsandradee) | 12 comments Hello I'm Sandra Dee,
Thank YOU for starting this group. This is Perfect. I am a newbie to goodreads, the passion for reading, and 2011 Reading Challenge group. I am the mother of three charming boys (28,18,15), a wife for seven years (third marriage), and a full time college student (psychology is my major - graduation 2012).

My 2011 Reading Challenge is to read three dozen (36) books with cupcakes on the cover. Covered with Cupcakes is the name of my challenge. I currently have 24 cupcake covers (no cookbooks) - three books will publish in 2011 and 8 cupcake covered books are a little challenging to find. Please look on my profile for the complete list of Covered with Cupcakes - My challenge starts January 1, 2011 and will end December 31,2011 - Yummy - here are a few of my deliciouse looking Covered with Cupcakes The Year I Turned Sixteen: Rose, Daisy, Laurel, LilyLittle Mouse and the Big CupcakeThe Cupcake QueenIt's Raining CupcakesI'm the Vampire, That's Why

message 17: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Welcome everyone! I can't wait for the new year! My middle daughter is wanting to participate too so I am going to try and get her on here or I will post for her. I really liked the way Sheila set up her thread already and I especially like the ticker for her books. I am definitely going to copy that.

message 18: by Sheila (last edited Dec 26, 2010 07:16AM) (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Hi Missy,

I am glad you appoved of my ticker/post. I didn't want to step on your toes by starting a new topic, but I needed to have a place to list my books. I may even go ahead and list a few books now and then when I actually read them edit the message and add the date completed. If you need help with the ticker I will be glad to help.

I am excited to get started.

message 19: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
I love it and got my own now....

message 20: by Jen (last edited Dec 27, 2010 08:26PM) (new)

Jen | 39 comments Hello everyone. My name is Jen and I am very excited about the new year! My goal--hmmm... I'll set it at 100 books. Happy Reading everyone!

message 21: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Welcome to the group Jen and Haley. It sounds like you guys like to read as much as the rest of us.

Come on New Years!

message 22: by Jen (new)

Jen | 39 comments Thanks for the warm welcome:)

message 23: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Love all the new faces. I can't wait until New Years.... except I am working New Year's night. boo hiss...

Welcome Jen and Haley

message 24: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) I worked in a hospital for 36 years Missy retiring this year and I ALWAYS dreaded New Years. In the ER we refered to it as amateur night.

message 25: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) Welcome to all the new faces.

message 26: by Finley (new)

Finley Mac I'm Sapphire and I never thought about setting reading goals… First, finish The Two Towers.

message 27: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Jones | 8 comments Wow, this thing is really taking off! I'm so excited to join all of you in this group. My name is Ashley and I work with Missy. I'm not really sure what my goal is, but for now I will start out with at least 50 and would like to read more. I'm also going to try to read a couple of classics, because that isn't my favorite genre but I need to broaden my horizons!! :)

message 28: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Yea Ashley you found it! I am excited that you joined! I am going to try and do one classic too. They are free on the B&N site so that is a little more encouraging. Hope you had a great night at work.

message 29: by Kaitie (new)

Kaitie (katdjz) Hi everybody, I'm Kat.I would like to read at least 50 books this year. I usually pass that number, but I know this year will be a bit more difficult. I'm a nanny and used to be able to read a lot at work during the kid's naptime, but now there's a new baby, which means no more reading time for me, hehe. This is the first group I'm joining on goodreads, so this is exciting, woo :)

message 30: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Glad to have you with us Kat and Happy New Year to all.

message 31: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Welcome Kat!

message 32: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) Hi and Welcome Kat!

message 33: by Seresa (new)

Seresa (pardoteach) | 29 comments Hi, I'm Seresa . .I'm excited about joining this group. I've actually been thinking about this for about a week so when I happened upon this group I was thrilled. I toyed with 52 books this year but with my busy schedule I'm afraid it won't work so I'm going to go with 35.

I'm a High School Teacher with a active teenage boy and 2 older daughters. I hope to get my oldest daughter included in this group and possibly my mother. I'm currently waiting for my Kindle to arrive and I'm sooooooo excited.

Good Luck with your Goals and Happy New Year!!!

message 34: by Finley (new)

Finley Mac Happy 2011!

message 35: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Welcome Seresa!!

I won't be reading today until later cause we are doing some massive decluttering and organizing here. I was inspired by the extreme couponing in the media so I have gotten the bug, done the research and preparing to give it a go for 2011. I am hoping to cut my grocery/household budget in half. It shouldn't be too hard because my husband about fell out when I finished the budget and discovered how much we spent last year OUCH.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!
Happy reading!


message 36: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Hi Serena, welcome to the group. We are all honored to have a teacher amongst us.

message 37: by Tamra (new)

Tamra Missy wrote: "Welcome Laura and Sheila! I feel like a slacker for only picking 50 but I know how busy I get running kids back and forth. Also Merry Christmas. I got a gift card to Barnes and Noble and can't d..."

The page numbers are the same. Depending on the font size I choose sometimes I can turn three nook pages before the page number changes:)

message 38: by Tamra (new)

Tamra Okay, so I am not going to take the challenge as I read way too much, and I mean way tooo much! My 4th grade daughter, Samantha, is going to take the challenge instead. She is so excited to take the challenge. Samantha's goal is 50 books. To help encourage her I promised to buy her a new book on her Nook for every 500 pages she reads. Her favorite books are the Warrior series by Erin Hunter. Into the Wild (Warriors, #1) by Erin Hunter

Her sister Sarah will be joining as well. Sarah will have her own goodreads page though. Sarah's goal will be higher as she takes after her Mom. She should hit 50 books by June.

message 39: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
Wow... I feel like such a slacker after reading everyone's goals but I think I am going to stick to my original and be happy if I reach it.

My daughter Emma wants to join the challenge, so I will post hers for her. She is too young to have her own account I think.

message 40: by Brandy (new)

Brandy | 20 comments Hi!! I'm Brandy, mom to 4 year old twin girls so I am going with Missy and only picking 50 books! However, I hope it will become way more than that.

message 41: by Sheila (last edited Jan 03, 2011 08:14AM) (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Welcome to the group Brandy. I would think you would have your hands full with 4 yr. old twins.

Today I am babysitting my 1 year old and 7 year old grandsons for the day so I am getting a much clearer picture of how difficult it would be to read ANY books with little ones around. As a matter of fact the first thing 1 yr. old Alex did this morning was pull the bookmarks out of the two books I am currently reading. When my kids were little I never read anything more intense than a magazine so I think you gals with little ones are being VERY ambitious, and I bet there isn't a slacker amongst you -Missy-.

message 42: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) Hi and welcome Brandy! Good luck with the 4 yr old twins. I had custody of my grandson when he was 2-5. It was hard to read.

message 43: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) I just finished my second book. Confession here. I usually read 3 or 4 books at the same time. Anyway I have logged my second book. How do you want to do this Missy. Did you want to set up another topic for the 2nd book, 3rd book, etc? Where did you want us to tell about the book, in our own threads?

message 44: by Beth (new)

Beth Knight (zazaknittycat) | 67 comments Hi everyone! I'm Beth and I want to read 81 books this year. I read 70 last year and then I joined the +11 in 11 challenge in the Books on the Nightstand group here in GR. In that challenge you take the number of books you read last year and then add 11. The additional 11 can be anything you want but is should be something "different" so my 11 additional books are going to be ones I already own.

message 45: by Missy (new)

Missy (soogie) | 204 comments Mod
I thought if everyone could start their own individual post in the challenge tracking section and then just kept commenting on their own post with what they read and a review if they wanted. Then we can read and post comments on each one too. Brooke is posting hers today.

message 46: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Romberg (rhylee17) | 5 comments Hi I'm Rhonda and i want to read at least 60 books this year=]

message 47: by Brooke (new)

Brooke | 16 comments Welcome Rhonda!!! :)

message 48: by Natalie (new)

Natalie (bookfinds) Hi, I'm Books4Me, and I would like to read 50 books this year. This is my first year to try a book challenge. I'm excited!

message 49: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Glad you are here Books4Me (love your name BTW), very creative.

message 50: by Tamra (new)

Tamra Okay, I'm going to take the challenge. My goal will be 75 books. So far I've read one book The Rogue's Redemption (Regency Series #4) (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #55) by Ruth Axtell Morren I've started The Book Thief by Markus Zusak . I wasn't going to join because I read way too much and moderate a group on goodreads but decided to do it anyway. I've never really kept track before so it will be interesting to see how much I read in a year. I've always been an avid reader but since getting the Barnes and Noble Nook, I read all the time. My Nook goes with me everywhere. I catch a few pages in carpool lines, doctors offices...... Unlike books, it's always in my purse! The Nook and e readers are a book addict's best friend.

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