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message 1: by Patricia (new)

Patricia  | 21 comments Mod
anything u want to know or need advice for

message 2: by Hareem (new)

Hareem (callmehimo) | 12 comments what is the definition of friends??? (I know the definition but I wanna know how much you all know) ;P

message 3: by Patricia (new)

Patricia  | 21 comments Mod
its some one you can trust with your life someone to depend on when your in a tough situation and never let you down.some one you can ask a question to and know the will never lie to you.someone who will believe you until you are proven wrong.and even after your wron they are still there for you.friends should be there longer than a boyfriend or girlfriend would ever be.

message 4: by Hareem (new)

Hareem (callmehimo) | 12 comments awwwwww. u know. but you missed a point!

A friend is a person who also takes care for us!!!

message 5: by Patricia (new)

Patricia  | 21 comments Mod
true true

message 6: by Hareem (new)

Hareem (callmehimo) | 12 comments thnx! Did you ever had a problem...I mean a friendship problem???

message 7: by Patricia (new)

Patricia  | 21 comments Mod
well no they always seem to turn on me but thats when i stop being there friend i mean friends are people u trust not hate.

message 8: by Hareem (new)

Hareem (callmehimo) | 12 comments yeah...u r right!!! And you know that the group "SCARE ME TO DEATH OR TRY DYING" (that's my group I mean I'm in that grou I don't own it) in that group I just did a joke that I don't understand rping they started to abuse me and they are still abusing me!!! I said that I was just joking I understand but they still won't!! 2 people are doing this and one is supporting me!!! (I feel like crying) It's Lyla and a gril name Blue! (pitbull) ((that's her name I didnn't wrote pitbull myself as a bad word)) tell me what i should do?

message 9: by Patricia (new)

Patricia  | 21 comments Mod
leave the group asap and dont talk to them any more and im srry u shouldnt b going threw this im really srry

message 10: by Tinkerbell (new)

Tinkerbell Noyes | 5 comments so well one of my freiends doesnt want to talk to me anymore cuz she thinks i tried to get with her ex. I told her i wasnt gonna lie and i told her i was there for both of them as frends when she wanted me to flirt with him and tried to get him to ask me out i did.. when she said not to do it anymore i stopped.. but iwas still there for both of them as friends.. and she still thinks i was trying to get with him. idk how to show her i wasnt trying anything!

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