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PA: Silvershimmer is a very sweet cat. She has great hunting skills and is very fast like a windclan cat should be. She is completely loyal to her clan and will do anything for them. She doesnt like to fight but she will if she has to. She will be your best friend and never turn on you. You can trust her with anything.
History: Silvershimmer has always been a quiet she-cat even when she was a kit. She never complained much and barely spoke. Her shy nature made her kind of an outcast. She had a few friends though that she always stayed with. One of the was Crystalfang. They were inseparable. When Crystalfang made the decision that she wanted to become med-cat apprentice it almost ruined the friendship. Silvershimmer eventually excepted it though and they grew to be great at what the did. They stayed friends and still are but they have very different lives.
other:Best friends with Crystalfang.


PA: Crystalfang is a very trustworthy and always knows what to do. She is very help and good at her job. She can be snappy at times and grumpy but what other cat isnt? She likes to laugh and have fun but she doesnt really get the chance to. She loves kits and wishes she could have her own.
Crystalfang was destined to be a med-cat. She could remember herbs as soon as you told her about them but her dream was to become a warrior like her best friend Silvershimmer. When she finally decided on being a med-cat their friendship was almost broken but eventually Silvershimmer excepted their differences and became great cats. Crystalfang has always wondered about her decision and if she made the right one. She is always tempted to get a mate but she knows she cant. She will just have to wait and see how things go.
Mate:(cant have one but:) OPEN
other:Best friends with Silvershimmer

age:Young Adult

Swiftbreeze is a nice caring cat that has a big heart. He is very fast and strong and no one can question his loyalty. He will do anythhing for his friend but his clan always comes first. he isnt afraid t speak his mind with-in reason.
History: When he was born there was nothing really specail about him. he was a pretty strong kit but didnt show it. When he was apprenticed he began to show it. During battle training he was gettting beat up pretty bad so when they got back to camp a few apprentices started to pick on him. he grew angry and almost killed both of the apprentices until the leader stepped in. Swiftbreeze hasnt been messed with since.
other: nothin much

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cool! an ok

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Age:Middle aged apprentice


Rank: Apprentice

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(her to^^^^^)

Emberpaw is very shy. She doesnt talk to many cats and she especially doesnt talk to toms. Emberpaw doesnt like to get to close to cats in fear of losing them. She is a good hunter and very fast. Battle training isnt her strongest skill but she tries. He favorite cats to talk to Crystalfang and Silvershimmer because they are nice to her and she knows she can trust them with her life. Most cats think she is a weirdo outcast but she's nice if you try and get to know her.
Her Best feature is her pretty green eyes that shine brightly on even the darkest nights. Emberpaw has a pretty coloring that is a mixture of dark grey, light brown, dark brown and white. She is a very pretty she-cat but it gets tucked away behind her timid personality. Dont underestimate her though; if you get her angry enough she might give a scar to remember.

Emberpaw was born very early and she was very small and fragile. Her sister was also the same way. Neither of them were supposed to make it through the winter and her sister didnt. Emberpaw almost died but its said that her spunky spirit is what kept her alive. As time passed Emberpaw grew more and more each day catching up with the other kits but that when Greenleaf came something else went wrong in her small body. She grew very sick again and it took her a longer time to recover than it should have. After that Emberpaw had a pretty good life as a kit, not a worry in her little mind.
Emberpaw's kit-hood would probably the only time in her life that she would ever be fully happy though. When it was time for Emberpaw to become and apprentice she was very excited. The day of her ceremony everything went wrong...Shadowclan attacked camp and killed her mother in the battle. Now that Emberpaw only had her father she would cling to him everywhere he went. When she finally had her ceremony her father was made her mentor because she wouldnt leave his side. One day when they were out training she fell into a badger den and obviously that didnt set well for the badger and her cubs. They were chased half way back to camp before it caught her father in its jaws. By the time Emberpaw made it back to camp and a patrol was sent out to help it was too late for her father. Emberpaw had now lost everyone and she vowed to never forgive herself for her father's death. Emberpaw was given a new mentor(Silvershimmer)who rele began to help Emberpaw with her depressed life and he lack of self esteem and trust. Silvershimmer and Crystalfang, the med-cat, are still making progress on her but Emberpaw still has trust issues even though the death of her father was many moons ago. She refuses to get close to anyone or anything. She doesnt even want a mate. Emberpaw is waiting for her time of death to come so she can be reunited with her family once again.

Crush:none(you can try but it might not work out well.)

Mate: none



Other: Needs love to break her out of her shell.

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Name: Breezefrost
Rank: Deputy?
Gender: Male
Pelt: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Mentor/Apprentice: Open
Mate: Open
Crush: Crystalfang? (illegal)
Kin: None in WindClan
History: Mother was in Windclan but father was in RiverClan. Mother gave birth in WindClan right after she told everyone who Breezefrost's father is. She died while giving birth. Clanmates still don't quite trust him.
Other: ---

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Autumnpelt
Rank: Warrior she-cat
Gender: chika!
Long hair from that, and the face shape

Body pattern-

Eyes: green, very green- http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/111...
Mentor/Apprentice: n/a
Mate: Swiftbreeze
Kin: all dead
History:Autumn pelt was found as a kit, in the middle of the four trees, she had her own scent, none of the clans. had no kitty pet scent, they couln'd find a trace of any other cay that she might have belonged to.
Other: Speed of windclan, drive of Thunder clan, hunting skills of shadow, and agility of River. ent from star clan, no special stuff other than that.

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Autum is OK then

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Name: MintyWind
Rank: Warrir
Gender: Female
Pelt: Blue-gray and white http://www.youtube.com/user/Mintywind... she is the one under OwlPaw
Eyes: Bright green
Mentor/Apprentice: OPEN
Mate: ..
Crush: OPEN
Kin: closed
History: She had a forbidden love with OwlPaw, a ThunderClan apprenice. It didn't go well so she betrayed him and never saw him again. He doesn't talk about it, and neither does Minty..
Other: Stuffs

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srry i couldnt remember


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Name: BreezePaw/Call
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: Male
Pelt: Dark blue-black
Eyes: Bright blue
Mentor/Apprentice: MintyWind
Mate: closed
Crush: PondPaw (ThunderClan :3)
Kin: None alive
History: BreezePaw saw PondPaw, a crippled apprentice, at gathering and saw her inner beuty. He asked her to be his, she was starstrucked and said yes :3

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Name: Nightpaw
Rank: apprentice
Gender: FM
Pelt: glossy black(idk why it's glossy, I just felt like it)
Eyes: pale yellow
Mentor/Apprentice: Need mentor.....
History: her parents were Riverclan, but something went wrong in her past, that she keeps a secret. She ended up running away and became a Windclan cat(somehow.)

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) I like it.

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did the history.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) Name: Foxstar
Rank: Leader
Gender: F
Pelt: Fox pelt.
Eyes: A bright shining teal
Apprentice: OPEN
Mate: OPEN
Crush: OPEN
Kin: none that know about it
History: Before she was deputy she was a queen but no one knew it. she had her kits when she was deputy. her best friend was with her. the only other person who knows is the med. cat who promised not to tell any one. her best friend took the kits in as her own.
Other: Violethearts best friend

Name: Violetheart
Rank: Warior
Gender: F
Pelt: Violet with a white heart on the side
Eyes: Lavender
Apprentice: OPEN
Mate: OPEN
Kin: they arnt really hers they only think they are. they are really Foxstars
History: Was with Foxstar when she had the kits. she took them in so foxstar could be deputy. Watched her father and mother both be brutally killed when she was a kit so is protective of foxstars kits even if they arnt really hers
Other: Foxstars best friend

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Dusty (mrsbieber) can some one make Foxstars kits? she had 4 but one died so theres only 3 :/

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) It's irronic we'er battleing a Fox, and the leader's name is FoxStar.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) hahahaha i didnt even know! :P

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Both accepted.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) yay :P

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