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Cathy (cgraceh) | 236 comments Mod
What are some of the techniques, plpanning methods, stratgies or anything else you might do before you sit down and write?

Do you eat a big meal? Do you outline your entire novel? Create character sketches? Take a really long nap? Do you do finger exercises?

PLease share anything yo uactually do or anything you might have heard to help the writer prepare to sit down and write for hours upon hours.

message 2: by Cathy (new)

Cathy (cgraceh) | 236 comments Mod
In a book I"m listening to right now, How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author, the author says one of the main things she does is write down character sketches, bios, profiles or whatver you want to call them. She includes descriptions about physical appearances? where she lives? what she does? what she eats? how she talks? what she drives? who she dates? does she have any pets? what were her childhood dreams? what are her adult dreams? etc etc etc

She says she has to know here character inside and out; and sure it helps if characters are composites of people you already know, exaggerations of yourself or someone else, but that doesn't mean they should be carbon copies.

Also, she gave ideas for finding out about people and how they talk, look, behave, etc. by becoming an "eavesdropper" and "voyeur" pretty much everywhere in life, from your friends and coworkers to strangers at the gym and on the train. She says you can find examples of personalities and ideas for stories anywhere!

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Cathy (cgraceh) | 236 comments Mod
Here is a blog post on Writing from author Brunonia Barry NY Times Bestseller of The Lace Reader and current release, The Map of True Places. Read what she has to say about Outlines...


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