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I'm almost done with GWTW--a final review is on its way.

After re-reading the Klan section, I feel I have to eat my own words in the original post for the "GWTW and Race" thread. I read this section very closely, and this time around really believe the author does not try to say anything about the Klan itself, but criticizes the white perspective on its creation. Scarlett is repulsed by the idea, but only because of the consequences she and Frank--and Ashley, especially--could face from participating in it. Ashley, Dr. Meade, Frank, etc. all have racist ideas and reasons for joining the Klan and all have to pay through death, injury, and humiliation at the hands of Rhett. This is a problem in itself, but I think that's the point Mitchell was trying to make. Of course former slave owners supported an organization like the Klan! I realize that one could argue that the "Yankees" are portrayed as villains for punishing the Southerners, but I don't think that is the case. I think Mitchell was really trying to show what craziness ensues when a culture goes to war, loses, and has to reinvent itself. Mitchell herself even said she was trying to capture the way a white person would have thought during that time.

The racism in this section really comes from the characters. Mitchell has an interesting style in which she shifts from the narrator to specific characters to the white population of Atlanta while maintaining the third person the whole time. I think this style has led to many misinterpretations for it is a confusing way to narrate, but one I find engaging and effective.

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