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message 1: by Tinea (last edited Apr 10, 2011 03:00AM) (new)

Tinea (pist) This thread is intended to be a long and frequently updated list of places to download anarchist and related books, articles, zines, and other writings.

Please add to it!

The Anarchy Archives:

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris (munity) | 1 comments ty komrades

message 5: by David (new)

David Christian underutilized they have over 700 texts in english and a good assortment of graphics. if you happen to need texts in French Spanish Portuguese or Russian, they have those too

message 6: by Nihil (new)

Nihil | 1 comments A lot of historical articles and personal testimonies of life in the revolutionary ukraine:

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message 9: by Kalin (last edited Jan 02, 2013 10:18PM) (new)

Kalin for articles, essays, communiques about broken windows, and very annoying trolls:

another anarchist news site (though seemingly dead?):

another online library/archive (focus on anarcha-feminism):

some decent essays archived at crimethInc.'s website:

audiobooks at audio anarchy:

message 10: by M. (new)

M. Gilliland (mikegilli) | 11 comments read or download The Free here it's an anarcha feminist adventure set in a climate disaster and the collapse of capitalism

message 12: by Nathaniel (new)

Nathaniel Metz (NathanielMetz) | 5 comments Alan Moore, the writing of the anarchist book V for Vendetta, did an interview about anarchy which I love:

message 13: by Benedikt (new)

Benedikt | 1 comments For German speakers:

Offers an abundancy of classic anarchist texts.

message 14: by tout (new)

tout | 99 comments Mod
Since this hasn't been updated in a bit here are some others, but some of these have been surprisingly missing:

It's going down - news and analysis |

lib com - has a huge collection of texts |

It's sad that zine library no longer exits.

Some smaller text distros that I find interesting:

Ill will editions - curated collection of texts coming from an appelist / insurrectionary communist and anarchist perspective |

No new ideas - similar content as the ill will, but with more emphasis on afro-pessimist and queer and feminist texts as well |

message 16: by Alan (new)

Alan W. | 14 comments Just posted up at Freedom bookshop page (London, UK)
E-book: Tarinski Yavor, Short Introduction to the Political Legacy of Castoriadis, Athens: Aftoleksi, 2020. Cover and design: George Chelebiev. Edit and Preface: Mark Mason

The analysis offered by Cornelius Castoriadis remains, more than 20 years after his death, as relevant as ever before. This is so as he manages to detect with high accuracy the problems that still surround us and the ongoing crisis of insignificance. From the beginning of his writings he reveals the inherent problems of bureaucracy, the logic of political representation, the consumerist culture and the capitalist paradigm of unlimited economic growth. This criticism of his remains evidently abreast with our time.

The project of autonomy, which Castoriadis saw as a possible alternative, forms the foundational basis of struggles towards a true democratic and ecological society. In his contributions to our comprehension of the dynamics between the individual and the polis, he exhumed insights about the psychosocial landscape modulated by direct democracy.....

message 18: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 21 comments also has archives for a ton of anarchists. I haven’t read read the summaries on the page, but It’s worth going to for the literature by various anarchists.

message 19: by Toni (new)

Toni (tonibashy) | 10 comments I'm surprised Library Genesis hasn't been mentioned. The URL regularly changes, so you have to search for it. It's a huge digital library with books in all categories.

message 20: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Bottenberg | 1 comments for books and articles:

message 21: by Alexis (new)

Alexis | 1 comments

this site has material in many different languages

message 22: by tout (new)

tout | 99 comments Mod
Kalin wrote: "lots at"

Sadly there is no more zine library. Anyone know of other replacements or similar collections?

message 24: by Barry (new)

Barry (bobsywoo) | 7 comments Not sure if this is the right place to mention / ask but recently created a magnet torrent link to their whole English library. I can't get the torrent link to work sadly, but some of you may be interested / have better luck than I.

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