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message 1: by Sassychassy (new)

Sassychassy I just bought the High Heels Mysteries 1-5 box set for my nook. The 1st problem (which I guess doesnt really matter but is still a little strange to me)is that instead of the title on the upper left corner it says "oh, I'm sorry this isnt what you were expecting". I was worried this was maybe a corrupted file.. Can that happen? Anyways, the next thing is it takes up to 30 seconds to turn the page either forward or backward. About every other page I get an "activity reader is not responding" error message and have to wait longer for the page to turn. I cant put in bookmarks because of the same error message as above. And if I say "wait" to the error message, it takes forever and then just goes back to the page as if no command was given. If I say "force close" it takes me all the way back to the first page of the book and I have to go through all the waiting and error messages to get the "go to" feature to work. I tried to open it with my B&N desktop ereader and it says "this file is not yet supported on this device" I thought maybe bc I didn't have the actual nook for pc program. So I downloaded that and it will not even open on my computer at all... it gives me an error message that says "has had an unexpected error and must close" (but thats another issue altogether). Moving on. I can open it on my droid x... but same problems 20-30 seconds for a page turn and cannot do bookmarks. I opened it on my adobe digital editions reader and it works there but it considerable slower than other books as well.

I have no issues with any of my other books on any device. I have been told it is because the file size is too big. ??? I bought the Sookie Stackhouse novels box set and have never had any issues with it had 8 books instead of 5 and no problems.

Do you think the book is corrupted or not formatted correctly or is it an issue of file size? Does anyone else have problems like these?

message 2: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (eternity21) I did have this problem once. I deleted the book from my nook and my computer and redownloaded it from barnes & noble again. It shows up on your list on their website. It probably just got corrupted on the download. If you still have problems I would call their customer service. They are very helpful and patient. I don't think it is file size as the book I had the problem with was a single title.

message 3: by Tina (new)

Tina (tmgfive) | 7 comments call b&n at 1-800-the-book for help

message 4: by Kara (new)

Kara Rutledge (kararutledge) | 2 comments I'm having the same problem! Although, it worked just fine originally, but I put it to the side. When I went back to finish reading the last 2 books in the bundle, it said that they had updated the bundle for an optimal reading experience, and I had to redownload it to my nook hd+, and I have been having the same problem! I'm going to try to redownload it.

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 41 comments Try: archive the book "remove from device" from your Nook.
Sign into your account on and click "move to archive" on your account.
Turn Nook off and back on.
On, unarchive book file.
Turn Nook off and back on.
Hit "Refresh" button to get file to show in library.
Redownload file.

If that doesn't work, then call.
If you paid for the book, don't delete, because it will require you to pay again.

message 6: by Elizabeth (last edited Apr 16, 2015 08:30AM) (new)

Elizabeth I thought you might want to know this so last month I got from Barns and Noble Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1) by Robin LaFeversbut I didn't get to finish it because I didn't get all the 500 and some pages, after three tries of getting it fix the four and last time the person that really tried to help me asked if she could go head and give me back my money which she did , so if your going to buy the nook book of that book just watch out because I don't know if they fixed what every is going on, the other three people that tried to help kept saying they was sorry and the rest of the time it felt like was giving me the run around ,because one said it would take up to 2 weeks to fix it and it wasn't fix and the next said it would take up to four to five days and it still wasn't fix ,I don't recall what the third person said but the last one was really sorry and actually did try to help me and when she couldn't she was the one that actually come out and said let me give your money back and that she was really sorry that the others didn't or couldn't help me.i'm still going to buy books there but not that one.and that's the only one that did that .anyway just thought you might want to watch out for that book

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