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Joeji | 3 comments Author from SJ:

Stephen Dunn


Stephen Dunn - Local Visitations
The Pine Barrens - John McPhee

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Kristin (kristinbattestella) | 5 comments
Kristin Battestella

The Vampire Family

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Donitello | 5 comments The Master Planets by Donald Gallinger The Master Planets, by Donald Gallinger, 609 area code!

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Kristin (kristinbattestella) | 5 comments We're nearly neighbors Gary! What church do you attend, if I may ask? We haven't found a suitable one here in Mount Laurel yet.

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J. Rubino (jrubino) 1. Jane Rubino (me), Ocean City - author of a mystery series set in Southern NJ and co-author of the recent "Lady Vernon and Her Daughter".
2. Christiane Heggan, Medford - Haven't heard what she is doing for a few years, but wrote many books in the romantic suspense genre.
3. Patricia MacDonald, Cape May - Romantic suspense
4. Carol Plum-Ucci, Atlantic County - teen mysteries
5. F. Paul Wilson, Monmouth or Ocean Co - Sci-fi, teen, suspense
6. AM Boyle, south Jersey - fantasy and suspense
7. Reece Brett, south Jersey - romantic thrillers
8. Terry Brisbin, Berlin (?) - Historical romance

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