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message 1: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
Use this thread to introduce yourself to the group.
I'm Anastasia, got into Castle because it's got Nathan Fillion in it, stayed for the story lines , the humor , and the Firefly references.

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (porterak) Hi I'm Amanda and I just love the TV show Castle and am so addicted to the show. I love the books as well and can't get enough of any of it! I don't remember what got me started on the show but I love all of it and don't need to really have a reason right?! Things are just ALWAYS better when there is Castle around!

message 3: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
Hey, Nathan Fillion is always a good reason to get hooked onto a show. ;) Welcome to the group, Amanda!

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (porterak) Allons-y! wrote: "Hey, Nathan Fillion is always a good reason to get hooked onto a show. ;) Welcome to the group, Amanda!"

You have a very good point there and thanks for the welcome! :)

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie (caskettfan) | 3 comments Hello. I'm Katie. I am completely addicted to Castle, and am so happy to have found a group. I started watching because the Pilot looked interesting, and I am a fan of cop/crime shows. Also, I remembered Nathan Fillion from Firefly and season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, I gave it a shot, and fell in love with the show and characters. :)

message 6: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
Hello Katie! Welcome to Castillions! :-)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey. I'm Alexis and I love Castle. It's my favorite thing about Mondays! :) I'm really glad that I found a group about it.

message 8: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
HI Alexis! welcome to the group, hope it livens up some with more people joining and taking part in the discussions. :)

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)


message 10: by Emma (new)

Emma | 2 comments Hi, I am Emma, I started watching Castle a few months ago and it is amazing!! I'm watching season 3 at the moment, and I just love how... awesome it is!!!!

message 11: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
Hi Emma! Welcome to the group. I see you're also a Doctor Who fan. :D

message 12: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (porterak) Welcome to all the new members!

Perfection *Sherlock's Girl* | 4 comments Hi I'm new to the group too and looove Castle!!! I agree, Nathan Fillion is always a good reason to watch the show.

message 14: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (porterak) Perfection that comic is priceless! :-) Where in the world did you find it?

Perfection *Sherlock's Girl* | 4 comments Actually I'm not entirely sure. I searched for Castle gifs and somehow found this and was like:

Yes Ginny, I get it. I just uncovered a fact of life too.

message 16: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (porterak) I see I would be the same!

Perfection *Sherlock's Girl* | 4 comments So seems like not a lot of action around here for a while.... Maybe we should start a game thread or something.

message 18: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (porterak) Well I'm always talking on here about the show!

message 19: by Anastasia (last edited May 01, 2012 03:41AM) (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
Hi there! welcome to the group. Sorry if I'm not around too much. Especially just after a new episode airs. I've yet to watch it, so avoiding spoilers where possible.

Feel free to poke around the existing threads and talk about Castle's novels. I'll be bringing up a few Castle-related game threats after the season 4 finale. We need something to get us through the hiatus!

P.S you can see a full list of discussion threads here: (there's more than just the 2 threads in GC)

message 20: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
Hi Susan! Glad you like the books. Have you read the books before you've seen the show or after?

message 21: by Heather (new)

Heather Holland | 1 comments I love Nathan Fillion. I use to watch him on One Life to Live. He is also very funny

message 22: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (hurricanerose) Hi I'm Jordan new to the group and a new fan of Castle. I have just got done watching seasons 1-5 and i can't wait for season 6 on DVD. I just started reading Nikki Heat.I'm so happy that i finally found a place i can talk about all things Castle. Its gonna be awesome.

message 23: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 103 comments Mod
Hi Jordan, welcome to the group. what do you think of the Nikki Heat books so far?

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