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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  (jml_417) How have you organized your bookshelf here on goodreads? Do you just use the shelves they've provided (ie. read, to-read, currently reading), or have you set up your own (ie. by genre, by year read, etc.)?

message 2: by Liz (new)

Liz So far I've just used their shelves. I keep a spreadsheet on my computer that has a lot of those other categories.

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  (jml_417) I've addd a few of my own. I've got shelves for what I've read each year since 2006 (actually 2006 is just my A-Z Author challenge and a few others because that year I didn't keep very good records), two for my A-Z Author Challengess in 2006 and 2008, and some shelves for the reading challenges/personal goals I've set for 2011.

I think I might try shelves for genres, but only fiction, non-fiction and possibly YA - it would be nice to just click on "non-fiction" and see what I've got and what I want to read.

message 4: by Annika (new)

Annika wow - I had no idea we could do all that!:) so far, I've just used their shelves, but now I might have to explore a little:)

message 5: by Theresa (new)

Theresa I had no idea, either. But I don't think I'd have time to do more. I keep a handwritten list of books I've read. Horribly old-fashioned, I know, but I love flipping through those yearly notebooks.

message 6: by Mary (new)

Mary | 236 comments My list is also handwritten, Theresa. I write in a journal daily (nothing real introspective; more a litany of my day-to-day life with occasional state-of-mind reflections) and keep a list in that journal of books read throughout that year. Then at the end of the year I type out my list and give them grades. My lists date back to 1970 and it's fun to look back and reminisce. That method works for me!

message 7: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen (gkonkler5) I have a lot of shelves. Had I realized how they would important into goodreads I might have just started from scratch.

Use all three of the goodreads shelves. Then have year shelves, hard back, soft back, larg and small. So I know where to actually locate them on my shelves at home. Non-fiction, eReader, Audio, Young adult, Wyoming,permanet collection, wish list....

Still trying to get organized.

message 8: by Sara (new)

Sara (rstjm4) | 70 comments I had no idea we could do all that either!! I have just been using their shelves. I keep a yearly list of what I read in a notebook, but I may have to check more into it when I am home more next week!!

message 9: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) I make up shelves. I have one for each of the groups I'm in. Plus for ones that I own and/or get from the library.

message 10: by Carol (new)

Carol (actutor) I Use the shelves as a more eco-friendly TBR list. When I read about or hear about a book that might be of interest , I add it to list.

If you notice, that part of my list is longer than the books I have read.

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