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How about a work of Steampunk for the next good read?

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message 1: by terpkristin (last edited Dec 06, 2010 12:26PM) (new)

terpkristin | 4211 comments Hmm I always associate Steampunk more with sci-fi than fantasy, and we're due for a fantasy book next. But the steampunk is the genre I'm 3rd most sick of, behind vampires and zombies. However, I endorse doing steampunk next--it will give me a chance to catch up on my non-S&L reading backlog. ;) :D

message 2: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome | 6393 comments Cavalierex wrote: "...the thought occurred to me that it would be great to have a good work of Steampunk chosen for the next good read..."

There's no such thing. :p

message 3: by Sean (new)

Sean O'Hara (seanohara) | 2365 comments The first Girl Genius novel is due out next month.

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul | 26 comments What about Bonecrusher by Cherie Priest. It is enjoyable read and different enough to entertain.

message 5: by Kev (new)

Kev (sporadicreviews) | 653 comments I recently read The Osiris Ritual which is a Steampunk novel about a detective and his assistant that work for the Queen. The Steampunk in it was mostly background and atmosphere, and didn't play a huge part in it.

It read as neither SF nor Fantasy to me, it was more of a detective novel with shades of those elements.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

How about the book that essentially started steampunk, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's "The Difference Engine"? We should pick more books that are available in mass market paperback so I can get em for less than ten bucks :P

message 7: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome | 6393 comments Check out the 1st few chapters. It's not very exciting.

message 8: by Patrick (new)

Patrick (halfadd3r) I just want to read everything, but I've also got The Half-Made World in my to-do list.

message 9: by Space Preacher (new)

Space Preacher (spacepreacher) | 39 comments Oh man, we should read The Anubis Gates. Or Morlock Night but I think everyone is Arthurian'd out.

message 10: by Jeremiah (new)

Jeremiah Mccoy (jeremiahtechnoirmccoy) | 80 comments I would vote for Boneshaker as well. Also, for all you audiobook listeners, it is read in part by Wil Wheaton.

message 11: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome | 6393 comments Jeremiah wrote: "I would vote for Boneshaker as well. Also, for all you audiobook listeners, it is read in part by Wil Wheaton."

Skip the 1st 100 pages. That's how long it takes to get into Zombietown.

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