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message 1: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) Anyone else a huge Bones fan? I didn't start watching until this past summer, but once I started I couldn't stop until I watched all 5 seasons! Also, has anyone read any of the books?

message 2: by Kelly A. (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments I've read one book, Break No Bones, and could only make it halfway through Bones to Ashes. They're okay, not really my favorite genre though.

As for the show, I LOVE IT, even though this season hasn't been as good as I'd hoped.

message 3: by Drew (new)

Drew Hamilton (drewhamilton) I love the show. I agree, this season has been slow. Season 4 is going to be hard to live up to without Gravedigger.

message 4: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
I haven't read any of the books, but I am wanting to try at least one, see how it goes.

I am feeling so-so about the new season. I really liked the tension between Booth and Bones, but since the girlfriend came into the picture, the tension is still there a bit for Booth, but nothing for Bones. She doesn't seem upset at all! I also feel sorry for the girlfriend. She seems to have no idea how Booth felt/feels about Bones, and the last episode I saw, I felt Booth was drifting away from her.

Oh, and Daisy drives me insane!

message 5: by Madge (new)

Madge (madge_the_bibliomaniac) I LOVE the show! I think I started watching it with the first season and I've been hooked ever since. I really want to read the books, but they're hard to find around here.

message 6: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) Drew wrote: "I love the show. I agree, this season has been slow. Season 4 is going to be hard to live up to without Gravedigger."

I don't think anything can beat season 4. So perfect. Although, I'm not as disappointed as a lot of you seem to be with the curent season. I think the cases are still fascinating, and I stil love the characters and all their relationships. Of course, I don't want Booth with that girlfriend of his, but I have faith that it won't last and eventually him and Bones will get together. :)

Who is everyones favorite characters, and what have some of your favorite cases been?

I have a crush on Sweets, and I wish Angela was my best friend. My favorite case was the Santa one in season 3. When they figured out which Santa it was and all the other Santas started singing "You better watch out..." that was just so good.

message 7: by Kelly A. (last edited Dec 01, 2010 07:49PM) (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments I like Sweets and Angela a lot too, but I'm quite partial to Vincent the intern. I think it's because he's British.

I must agree with Tami, Daisy annoys the hell out of me every time she opens her mouth. Oddly enough, Brennan is also pretty annoying. Her character is interesting from a television standpoint, but I'd totally hate her if she was a real person. Does that make sense? lol

message 8: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
I definitely wouldn't be friends with Brennan either. I think they are all a bit quirky which is why the show works so well. Angela is probably the only one that I could actually see being friends with if they were real people. I couldn't be in the same room with Daisy though. Cat fight in under ten seconds.

message 9: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) I think I'd be friends with Brennan because I generally like really smart people even if they are awkward sometimes. I agree with how the rest of you feel about Daisy though. She would drive me crazy. I'd also love to be friends with Cam. She's such a strong person and, she can be really funny.

message 10: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I love bones, and have watched all the past seasons except for season 4 and now I feel like I'm missing out! I read several of the books and had planned to read them all before I started the show but I couldn't wait and haven't been able to read them after seeing the show. The books are really different and in my opinion worse. They have interesting stories but the characters are all so different and I love the characters from the show so much that the books pale in comparison.

message 11: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten I love the show. I own all five seasons (though they're all on loan to friends trying to catch up), but I have to say, this season hasn't been stellar.

Daisy...this past week I was really hoping she'd fail her psych eval.

I read one of the books and didn't like it at all. I don't know if it's because of the genre or the fact that I love the show and was expecting the books to be more like the show.

message 12: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) It seems to be the general consensus from everyone I've talked to that the show is way better than the books. I'm thinking I'm probably better off not even attempting to read them..

message 13: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments I LOVE Bones! I just started watching it last season, but my sister and I literally watched every other episode over the summer so we'd be all caught up. We'd watch like 5 eps in one day, haha. I'm a couple weeks behind in this season, but I agree with Kirsten that this season isn't as good. Daisy really is such a pain in the ass. Also not a fan of Booth's girlfriend, but that's probably just because he has a non-Brennan girlfriend. I love Angela and Hodgins. Though, like with basically every tv couple, they're not as cute anymore as they were before they were married, haha.

message 14: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten I like Hodgins' character a lot, especially in later seasons. I also really like how they show Angela's genius. I think they make a good pair, their kid is going to be ridiculous!

message 15: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments Haha I know! Their kid really will be great. But we probably won't really get to see him/her much, since the show's already in its 6th season.

message 16: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Very true, and most shows don't live much longer than that. But should they for some reason fast forward at the end, the kid will be awesome.

Booth's girlfriend pisses me off. I get the impression she knows what she's doing to Brennan because she's more socially adept than her brilliant rival. Hard to put my finger on why I think that.

message 17: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) Natanya, my friend and I keep going back and forth about Hannah. She seems really cool but it's just so sad that it isn't Brennan and I think her being cool makes it worse. It would be so much easier if she was annoying like Daisy.
I love Hodgins My mom and I watched the first 3 seasons together I would always claim to be "king of the lab" whenever I figured something out before the show did.

message 18: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments Hahaha Annashu, that's great. I want to be king of the lab. Yeah, it does kind of suck that Hannah's cool. She's so unhateable. Thinking about it, it seems like the writers aren't really sure either what they're doing with her because she's still hanging out on the periphery of the show, semi-integrated but still awkwardly outcast.

message 19: by Kelly A. (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments Speaking of the Daisy hate, as soon as I saw that she was going to be the intern in last Thursday's episode, I stopped watching. She's that bad.

By the way, do you think Brennan's ever going to pick an intern or is she just going to keep rotating through them all forever??

message 20: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments Idk. The rotating is kind of annoying, but of the people they've had as interns, I don't like any of them enough to want them permanently. I miss Zach!

message 21: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten I miss Zach too. Wendel was one of my favorite interns, but he seems to have disappeared?

I'm pretty sure Angela is my favorite character on the show. She keeps it real.

message 22: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I really miss Zach, he was so adorable.

message 23: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten After watching the previews, this week's episode looks nuts!

message 24: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) oh man last night's bones was soooo good. what did everyone else think?

message 25: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
I have it recorded, we had company over so I couldn't watch it. Now you have me curious! :)

message 26: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) It was really good, I just wanted to give Brennan a hug though

message 27: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments I just watched it (yeah, getting a lot of studying done over here...) and teared up a bit at the end. Great episode. I loved the things the night watchman said!

message 28: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) Natanya wrote: "I just watched it (yeah, getting a lot of studying done over here...) and teared up a bit at the end. Great episode. I loved the things the night watchman said!"

I was afraid that he wasn't going to be real!

message 29: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments Oh my gosh that's EXACTLY what I was thinking!! Especially because the other day I watched an episode of a show (Eureka, great show) with a guy kind of like that who ended up not really being real, haha.

message 30: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten I'm not entirely sure he WAS real. No one else ever saw him or seemed to know who he is...

message 31: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments Though most others aren't there that late at night. But who knows. If he shows up again at some point, we'll know. Since Brennan knew him at the beginning of the episode, I have a feeling he was real. If not, she must have been hallucinating him for quite a while...

message 32: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten You make a good point.

Many of my friends are trying to guess at the season finale. They feel for the most part that Bones and Booth will hook up then if they are going to. Thoughts?

message 33: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) not sure, I think part of what makes this season less good than past ones is the lack of sexual tension between anyone. Hodgens and Angela are good, Booth has Hannah, and even Daisy and Sweets have their thing worked out. Just makes it a bit boring, and it would be equally less exciting if Bones and Booth did get together.

message 34: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten I agree. There's no tension anywhere...the only time there is strife is when Cam and Michelle are having problems, and that's not sexual tension, so yeah.

Booth is pretty distant this season. I understand that she stomped on his heart and he moved on, but it's kind of out of character for him.

message 35: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments I totally agree. Complete lack of tension. Booth really is pretty distant...I blame Hannah.

message 36: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
I don't think it will happen this season UNLESS this is the last season. I feel that if/when they do get together that will be the end of the series, so although I want them together, I don't want the series to end.

I did watch the episode, and I am not sure the nightwatchman is "real". Also, I thought it was pretty stand up of Booth to say he was with Hannah now, that he loved her and couldn't just leave her. I am not a Hannah fan, but too often characters in shows/movies just flake on their current partner to be with the one that finally shows interest. It is refreshing to see a commitment.

message 37: by Natanya (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments True true. Commitment is good. And it's not like Hannah's a bad person...she's just the wrong one. :(

message 38: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) I read that the writer for the last episode said he wanted to leave it up to the viewer to decide if the night watchmen was real or not. So, I'm just going to tell myself he's real.

Anyway, I agree with you all.. the show could use some more relationship tension. And, I like Hannah, but I just don't want her to be with Booth. Maybe Wendell can come back and him and Hannah can hook up. haha. Speaking of Wendell, is he ever coming back? I really liked him.

message 39: by Kelly A. (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments Didn't Wendell come back earlier this season? I think he'd been working at an auto shop or something.

I finally watched the latest episode last night and what really struck me (among many things) was Brennan crying. I NEVER thought I'd see her do that! Pretty powerful episode.

message 40: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten I just caught up on the last three weeks, and I have to say, the season is finally picking up a little bit.

I love Wendell's hair. He's definitely one of the best characters, and he is indeed back this season.

message 41: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jenna_marie58) Kirsten wrote: "I just caught up on the last three weeks, and I have to say, the season is finally picking up a little bit.

I love Wendell's hair. He's definitely one of the best characters, and he is indeed bac..."

I definitely agree. One of my friends and I were talking about how we feel like the last few episodes are getting back to the style of the episodes of the first few seasons, and we're happy about that.

message 42: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Totally excited about it. Also, anyone watch last week?

message 43: by Tami (new)

Tami | 3103 comments Mod
I did. Not my favorite episode. At least it didn't totally end the wrong way though. I am starting to really love Angela and Hodgens relationship though. He is so odd. Love it.

message 44: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Angela and Hodgens are awesome. Hodgens might be my favorite character on the show, mostly because I can relate to his diverse and extremely eccentric interests. That kid is going to be brilliant. Preggers Angela is hilarious on top of it all.

Yeah, I think the episode could have been handled better as a whole, it was so...abrupt.

message 45: by Kelly A. (last edited Feb 14, 2011 09:13AM) (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments I wasn't really listening to Booth's whole monologue at the end of the episode last week but almost had a panic attack when I heard him say "you'll need to get a new FBI agent." Yet the promos for this week show him being normal, so I'm not really sure what I missed. Speaking of this coming looks pretty hilarious. Clark in the promos looks crazyyyyy.

message 46: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) SPOILERS:
Kelly: he basically said that Temperance shouldn't get the idea that because him and Hannah broke up that they will get together. She can either sit down and have a drink and they can continue their platonic work relationship or she will have to find a new FBI agent.

message 47: by Kelly A. (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments Ohhhhh okay. Thanks!

message 48: by Natanya (last edited Feb 19, 2011 10:39PM) (new)

Natanya (vraisemble) | 255 comments Yeah, the end of the episode from two weeks ago wasn't great. I agree that it was abrupt. And Booth was like...a total douchebag (granted, he'd just been totally rejected), both to Hannah and Brennan. But I think the vday episode redeemed that -- Clark was so funny, and the ep ended much better than the end of the previous one!

message 49: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Agreed! It was SO much better. I really like Clark 2.0. Sometimes it's over-sharing, but mostly it's hysterical to watch everyone's reactions.

message 50: by Anna (new)

Anna Shumaker (annashu) I also agree, last week's episode was pretty good...and anyone who also watched Queer as Folk might have an idea of how giddy I got when I saw Emmett.

I'm so sad/mad that they are taking yet another break...

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