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Tatiana (tatiana_g) What did you think of the story? The author's take on zombie lore?

Christie | 37 comments I like the basis of this story, a town that was cursed with zombies. Where loved ones and friends sometimes did not die but stayed with you forever. If you tired to escape the town, your zombie friends would follow you so no towns would let you in.

I think that this story showed a new and interesting view on zombies. The story also had undertones of rich vs poor and how love will conquer all. Also the poor zombies that everyone ignored peacefully rose to a more upstanding place in society.

I like how much was going on in this story that you may not realize till you reflect on the story afterwards. I will have to say that this is one of my favorite stories so far.

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather (heatherjoy) I really enjoyed this one too and I went in expecting not too. I thought the take on zombies was new and fresh, in the fact that Clare's zombies were still traditional zombies in the being dead sense of the term, but retained much of who they were, give or take a few changes, and carried over many of their human attributes while also being other. I also enjoyed the fact that in this universe, death doesn't = loss.

Claire (clairecao) | 29 comments I didn't really care for this story. I suppose I liked the whole fairytale like aspects of the story, but I though her writing was very dead and not very engaging. The romance wasn't really appealing either, and the characters seemed really generic. However, I did like how she dealt with the issue of a community and the Duke creeped me out. To me, he was the only interesting character.

Tatiana (tatiana_g) This story was my least favorite out of the zombie bunch.

message 6: by Heather (new)

Heather (heatherjoy) I think my least favorite was Children of the Revolution. However, even my least favorite of the zombie stories trumped nearly all the unicorn stories, imo.

Claire (clairecao) | 29 comments Really? I found Children of the Revolution really amusing and creepy. Cold Hands didn't really do it for me. Though I did like Cold Hands more than a few unicorn stories too.

message 8: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
I like this story. It reminds me a little of say...homeless people. They are dirty and poor and stand by the side of the road. Yet we ignore them and try to focus on our life and where we are going. I like how the dead will always be with you... don't we all want that? Too bad that animals didn't come back because I sure would like my kitties to be with me forever!

Elisha Marie (elishamariegb) | 1 comments This is my personal favorite from the zombie stories. I like the fact that the zombies here aren't really the creepy type but they also learn how to love and unite with the humans. I think Cassandra Clare, my favorite author from the whole anthology, contributed a lot in making me like this.

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