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Moby-Dick or, the Whale
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Trisha | 492 comments Here is a tentative reading schedule for Moby Dick. If it seems like people are falling behind, or rushing ahead, we can always modify it! I set it up so that we are reading about 70-75 pgs per week. My edition is from Barnes and Noble classics and the chapters are in roman numerals, so it may be set up that way in most editions. I set up the schedule with the roman numeral chapters as opposed to page numbers. I will set up a thread for each week, that way people can post as they are reading without worrying about giving anything away, and they can also still post if they fall a bit behind. Happy reading everyone!

Trisha | 492 comments Week 1: Dec 1-Dec 4: Chpts I-XVIII
Week 2: Dec 5-Dec 11: Chpts XIX-XLI
Week 3: Dec 12-Dec 18: Chpts XLII-LVII
Week 4: Dec 19-Dec 25: Chpts LVIII-LXXXII
Week 5: Dec 26-Jan 1: Chpts LXXXIII-CII
Week 6: Jan 2-Jan 8: Chpts CIII-End

Whew! Those Roman Numerals were a little confusing! All right, I think that we can do this in 6 weeks folks! Lets jump right in!

Trisha | 492 comments If anyone is confused by the roman numerals for the chapters or does not have them in their book, just let me know and I will update the schedule with the chapter titles instead!

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Emily Emm (emmaleighbug) My copy doesn't use roman numerals, but I figured out the numbers. Had to look up 'L' though! Never used it before.

Trisha | 492 comments I am going to sit down tomorrow when I have some time and post the schedule with the chapter titles, I think that will help to make it easier! Happy reading everyone!

Trisha | 492 comments All right, lets see if this helps to make the schedule a little easier to understand:
Week 1: Dec 1-4: "Loomings" - "His Mark"
Week 2: Dec 5-11: "The Prophet" - "Moby Dick"
Week 3: Dec 12-18: " The Whiteness of the Whale" - "Of Whales in paint.."
Week 4: Dec 19-25: "Brit" - "The Honor and Glory of Whaling"
Week 5: Dec 26-Jan 1: "Jonah Historically regarded" - "A Bower in the arsacides"
Week 6: Jan 2-Jan 8: "Measurements of the whales skeleton" - End

Hope that is less confusing!!

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Katy (kathy_h) | 9817 comments Mod
We will revisit this book for the March 2014. Read at your own pace.

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