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NAPOLEONIC WARS > 5. HF - POST CAPTAIN - CHAPTER 6 (149 - 196) (11/29/10 - 12/05/10) ~ No spoilers, please

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the historical fiction discussion of POST CAPTAIN
by Patrick O'Brian.

This is the reading assignment for week five - (Nov 29, 2010 to December 5, 2010)

Week Five - November 29 - December 5 - Chapter 6 - p. 149-196

This is the fourth historical fiction group selected book.

We will open up a thread for each week's reading. Please make sure to post in the particular thread dedicated to those specific chapters and page numbers to avoid spoilers if you are catching up.

This book was kicked off on November 1st.

This discussion is being led by assisting moderator - Christopher. During the discussion of Master and Commander, Christopher volunteered to steer us through the second book in the series. Please support him in this effort.

We always enjoy the participation of all group members. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other noted on line booksellers do have copies of the book and shipment can be expedited. The book can also be obtained easily at your local library, and may be available on Kindle or audible.

This thread opens up Monday, November 29th for discussion. This is a non spoiler thread.




Post Captain (Aubrey/Maturin, #2) by Patrick O'Brian Patrick O'Brian Patrick O'Brian

Please feel free to research the complete Table of Contents and Syllabus on this thread and to see which version Christopher is using.

Post Captain is the second book in the series and comes after Master and Commander.

Master and Commander (Aubrey/Maturin, #1) by Patrick O'Brian Patrick O'Brian Patrick O'Brian

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Chapter 6 finds Jack in a chastened, humble mode while meeting with Lord Melville, and the meeting produces a better result than the meeting with St. Vincent. Jack gets a ship, the Polychrest.

In this, my second reading of this book, what has struck me most is the discordant relations between characters and situations. Jack does not get along with Stephen. Stephen does not get along with Diana. Jack is in a difficult relationship with Diana. Jack and Sophia seem to be interested in each other but the relationship may be doomed because of Jack's financial troubles. Jack is unable to function on shore. These are deep and serious issues which affect these characters ability to function. There seems to be little, so far, which would resolve these discordant relations.

It would seem that Jack's getting a ship would be a step toward resolution of some of these conflicts. He behaved much better with Melville than with St. Vincent. What do you think? Did his getting a ship move the novel toward some resolution of the conflicts among characters and situations? If so, how?

Has it improved Jack's relationship to Stephen?

O'Brian takes pains to describe Sophia as different from the younger woman we met earlier in the book. What is the significance of this, if any?

Patrick O’Brian often uses music to illustrate his characters’ thoughts and feelings. What is the purpose, from a critical perspective, of the duet between Jack and Stephen in this chapter?

Please feel free to comment on these points or anything else of interest to you about the book so far.

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