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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Sandusky (idgs) | 5 comments Mod
Oh zombies.

I know, I know - they're becoming the new vampire. We're about to be inundated with more undead fiction than you could read in a year - and I'm friggin' stoked.

In any case - what makes a good zombie for you?

I like mine freshly dead and mindless. Slow moving, yet relentless. Bloody, soaking with assorted other bodily fluids. Unintelligent, yet determined to eat flesh. Hunger for flesh vs. brains. Biologically attributed - aka a virus, or infection versus demonic posession.

Oh - ZOMBIES DON'T USE TOOLS! And the whole 'memories of their prior lives?" Yeah, that kills it for me.


message 2: by Insidebooks (new)

Insidebooks | 1 comments Zombies also shouldn't dance! (Jackson thriller video)

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Sandusky (idgs) | 5 comments Mod
Insidebooks wrote: "Zombies also shouldn't dance! (Jackson thriller video)"

Very true. My good friend Sean T Page (author of The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) who heads up the Ministry of Zombies actually conducted an inquest into that video. Turns out it was a Union matter - the dancers weren't members. The suit is still pending, though all testimonies thusfar have only been variations on "BRAIIIINS."

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary James (BigWords) | 1 comments There are numerous rules which don't make sense to me, especially regarding what damage (if any) will stop a zombie. The "aim for the head" trope largely formed via the Romero films are the best example of logically working within a set of physical parameters - having bits of zombies (a hand, perhaps) crawl after a victim? Not so much. I like consistency across a story, and any diversion from the standard jumps out at me.

Interestingly, having zombies speak - as in Marvel Zombies - isn't as bad as it would seem. As long as the vocal chords are intact, there is no reason they should be rendered mute. I DO have a problem with complex activities (a zombie flying a plane, for example) as higher brain functions *should* be impaired by their undead status. Sticks and other implements are fine - it doesn't take a genius to pick up a plank of wood and hit someone with it. Even chimps have figured that out.

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