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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree. Super disappointed in OoP, but the last two were spectacular.

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (randhrshipper1) | 48 comments I think Yates has done a wonderful job with all three films he's directed so far. I think you may be right, Isaac, about why your friends don't like HBP but I didn't really have a problem with OotP--I could have done without the jarring editing at certain moments, and the newspaper transitions were only an OK touch, but I wasn't disappointed in it as a film. And I DEFINITELY think you're right about the battle in HBP--just wait 'til DH Part 2!

message 3: by Annalisa (new)

Annalisa (goodreadsannalisa) I'm a fan. Yates gets better with each film. Of the three, I think OofTP is the weakest. I don't think Harry's emotion and connection with Voldemort are what they should have been. It's the shortest film so he had time to explore more of the (longest) book, but it's an improvement over the previous films and the Umbridge stuff is fantastic. My biggest disappoint with HBP is the death, not quite the emotion I was hoping for (but again, I blame that on Michael Gambon), but the humor and love triangles before are great. I think this film finally hit Harry Potter quality and can only imagine that DH II will be the best yet.

message 4: by Randi (new)

Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 170 comments HP6 was ok.

But with OofTP you had to cut him slack because the book is HUGE! They did a pretty good job, although I want more Dobby.

HP7 was spectacular and David Yatse is a superstar in my book.

message 5: by Cammie (new)

Cammie (ham4cam) | 9 comments This man is a genius!!!! All the films he directed were the best ones

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