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♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) WHAt do u think? do u likethem their level of power is a six

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I thought this was an interesting take on them, getting more into their trickter side. I have a little drouble remembering the faerie archetype is more trickster.

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) ya i kinda liked it b/c maybe ive read other books with different ways of explaining faeries and like how they only care aboutthemselves.

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Diana | 15 comments I'm still kinda confused if they're good or bad. They do make Evie uncomfortable, and to Evie's point of view, they're bad, but what if Evie doesn't know any different, and the faeries are trying to do good.

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Savannah Hi- new member here! Um, I don't know if any of you have read the second book, Supernaturally, but it explains faeries and whether they are good or bad there!

I think that I would've never read Paranormalcy if the author wasn't my mom's cousin, so what? My... second cousin? That's weird. Oh, well. She's really nice and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her writing!!!

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Diana | 15 comments I read Paranormalcy because I found it in the library. She's you mom's cousin? That's so cool! I did read Supernaturally, but I posted the comment before I read it. It was like eight months ago when I posted it.

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