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(ok before I say anything I wanna through out that I'm a christian who does NOT believe in apocalypse.) It is the year 2047. As most have predicted, the world is full of issues, but not polluted, but there is another issue that NO ONE predicted: Zombie apocalypse.
The Sisterhood - the religious order that controls the village. They believe that the key difference between the living and the Unconsecrated is free will, and so will always offer an option to people—even if the choice is to obey them or be exiled in the forest. To maintain control over the village, they tell everyone that the forest stretches forever and there are no living people beyond the fence.
The Unconsecrated - zombies. Most are slow, shambling creatures. more intelligent variety occasionally appears.
The Return - the zombie apocalypse.
The Forest of Hands and Teeth - the wilderness beyond the fences (the villages are fenced off) where zombies dwell.
this RP is based off of the forest of hands and teeth, but i didnt call it that because I wanted us to create our own characters, rather than existing ones.
your charry lives in a village ruled by a religious order known as the Sisterhood, and their military force, the Guardians. The village is surrounded by a large chain-link fence, beyond which lies a seemingly endless, zombie-infested forest. There are only three ways through the fence—two gates that open on paths that are themselves enclosed by fencing, and a corral designed for expelling those who've been infected by the zombie plague. Where the two paths lead, no one knows, for the Sisterhood says the village is the only human habitation left on Earth.

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That's really cool!

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