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Wreck | 79 comments Mod
Posting Format:



Age (Remember...Vampire age):

Abilities (Optional):

Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both):


History (Optional):

Theme Song (Optional):


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Name: Katherine M. Belcourt

Gender: Female

Age: 457

Abilities (Optional): None

avril lavigne Pictures, Images and Photos

Personality: Katherine is charming and compelling, but underneath it she is cold and heartless. She plays games with the opposite gender, and leaves them broken in the end. You could call her the forbidden fruit of vampires.

History (Optional): Katherine doesn't share this with anyone.

Theme Song (Optional):

Other: None

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Name: Phoebe Hathaway

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown. She stopped counting at 3000 and that was right before A.D had started

Abilities: She can shift into any jungle cat and she can read minds

Appearance: description

Personality: She's flirtly, seductive, agressive and protective, daring, outgoing

History: She belonged to an ancient tribe somewhere in the Russian territory but was attacked when she was 21. She killed the monster in return after she became a vampire.

Theme Song: Who owns my heart by Miley Cyrus/ We R Who We R by Ke$ha

Other: Her and her friend Justin pretend to be brothers and sisters When they really are just close friends

Name: Justin Hathaway

Gender: Male

Age: 100 years old

Abilities: He has a connection to Phoebe to make sure she's safe


Personality: He's sweet, shy, loving, caring, and very protective

History: He met Phoebe when she moved to Ancient Greece and they became close. When he fell ill, Phoebe told him what she way and asked him if he wanted to still live. He agreed and is now a vampire like her. He feels like he owes her everything even though Phoebe had said he had given her the best gift of all by agreeing to become like her.

Theme Song (Optional): You're going down by Sick Puppies

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) | 13 comments Name: Bennett York

Gender: Female

Age (Remember...Vampire age): 314

Abilities (Optional): Healing and turning things invisable

Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both): Photobucket

Personality: Sweet and charming

History (Optional): Was burned on a stake for being accused of witchcraft, but was saved by Irene Blossom, a vampire herself, and left on her own.

Theme Song (Optional): Secrets by OneRepublic or She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5


message 5: by s-hastings (new)

s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) | 13 comments OH AND I CLAIM ALICE CULLEN

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Maggie (maggie-swift) Name: Maggie

Gender: female

Age (Remember...Vampire age): 181, 165 years as a vampire.

Abilities (Optional): Maggie can tell if someone is lying or concealing the truth.

Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both): Maggie is small, with bouncy red curls and a wide smile. She has black or red eyes, depending on when she last fed.

Personality: Maggie is not too outspoken, unless someone is trying to lie or trick her. She is fair and honest, and hopes never to need to use violence-- though she will to protect her coven and the Cullens. She has taken a special liking to Reneesmee, who she thinks of as a beautiful mystery. She doesn't go out of her way to hurt humans, but doesn't really understand why anyone would choose to drink animal blood instead. She came to board with her friends the Cullens, to try out a vegetarian lifestyle. She's only been there a few weeks, and so far, so good, though she isn't too interested in giving up human blood together. She is enrolled at Forks high as a sophomore, and is so far controlling her impulses rater well.

History (Optional): Maggie grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and was pretty well off until the potato famine struck when she was 16. She was searching around the surrounding countryside for food for her mother, father, and little brother, when she was bitten by a vampire rogue in the area. She was confused and a hazard to everyone in town, who assumed her dead, as she tried to see her family. She had trouble controlling her temptations and almost bit her baby brother when Siobhan and Liam, who had been tracking her progress for some time, stepped in to help. She gratefully joined their coven. Even though her family is long dead, she still misses them, and is faithfully loyal to Siobhan and Liam as her 'foster parents.'

Theme Song (Optional): will think of one later.

Other: Note: Maggie is a canon charrie, but not much is known about her and I took a few liberties.

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Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) | 60 comments Mod
Name:Artemis Lune
Age (Remember...Vampire age): Over 1,000
Abilities (Optional):Can control the universe(Sun, Moon,etc.) and can control the element water.
Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both):

Black hair,blue eyes,pale,goth,beautiful
History (Optional):She was born sometime in early A.D. in Paris,France. When she was young she was cruel. She was the princess of a Kingdom and brought torture to her subjects. Then she was 16 she was kidnapped,raped, and turned into a vampire. Since then she has turned peaceful and travels alone around the world letting the stars be her only path.....
Theme Song (Optional):Viva la Vada by Coldplay

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Jo (Penname8) Posting Format:

Name: Paige and Pam Fletcher.

Gender: Female

Age (Remember...Vampire age): 13 years. They look fourteen.

Abilities (Optional): Paige sees the past of anyone she needs to see, while Pam sees visions of the present in any other place.

Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both):


Personality: Paige is more fun and loud than her sister, and she likes jokes and flirting. Pam is a little more introverted, but just as smart. She plays the piano remarkably.

History (Optional): They were originally from New Zeleand, living a normal life until they were kidnapped and shippeed to a millionaire in the United Staes. After he beat them so bad they ran away in his truck but crashed in a nearby stream. A lone unknown vampire took pity on them and transformed them.

Theme Song (Optional): Paige is Wicked World by Laura Jansen and Pam is Here in your Arms by Hello Goodbye.

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Miss Silvertongue (misssilvertongue) Name: Grace Ashford

Gender: Female

Age (Remember...Vampire age): 189 years

Abilities (Optional): Mind Compulsion

Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both): [image error]

Personality: She is nice but reserved and doesn't enjoy attention from alot of people much. She feeds on blood packs because she feels too guilty to kill but can't bring herself to drink animal blood.

History (Optional): She was turned in Britain after she and her sister were attacked. The family then disowned her and banished her from their home. 150 years later, she then came to America.

Other: Still has British accent. Wears blue contacts.

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 74 comments Name: Malik Callaghan/r.n. Akakios

Gender: Male

Age (Remember...Vampire age): 120,000

Abilities (Optional): Can banish demons and control the flow of energy.

Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both): Photobucket

Personality: Cold, withdrawn, never changes in tone when angry, is a genius.

History (Optional): Was born in Greece, he has participated in almost every battle in history. He fought along side Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and participated in the Crusades, though he himself worships pagan gods. As a young child, he swore himself to the virgin goddess's Athena and Artemis, swearing to go wherever he was needed. He only sides with the winning side, and hates to lose. He is a great warrior, using twin blades and a silver yew bow.

Theme Song (Optional): Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Other: Clam and calculating, he never truly stands straight and walks slightly hunched. He has a curving accent and speaks twenty languages, two of which haven't been heard in eight centuries.He hardly ever drinks blood, the last time he did, it was the early 1930's. His hair turns blue when he works his light magic.

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Rielle (Icefire) | 6 comments Name: Marie Castelle

Gender: female

Age (Remember...Vampire age): 2014 years old, but appears 13

Abilities (Optional): The ability to read and influence the minds, emotions, intentions and auras of people around her, a power that is heightened by touch.

Appearance (Picture, or Description, or Both): Marie has long, wavy brown hair that frames her pale face and unusually violet eyes. She always wears gloves and flinches from touch. Her feet are always bare and she dresses in the simplest of clothes.

Personality: Marie is smart, sarcastic, kind and loving. She has the mind and mannerisms of a grown-up and the adult voice coming from a child's mouth can be disconcerting. She loves her animals with all her heart, but says humanity is like a pounding headache that never goes away. She doesn't drink to kill and can control her bloodlust quite effectively, leaving her victim a few pints lighter and none the worse for wear.

History (Optional): In the first century B.C, Julius Caesar invaded the Celtic land of Gaul, which later became known as France, under the name of the Roman Empire. Marie, age thirteen, was living with her mother when the Roman soldiers invaded. Her mother was killed in the raid, but Marie escaped, later returning to wander the empty shell of her burnt-out home. It was there that she met a wandering vampire and it was there that she decided to join him and never look back. He was killed by a group of vicious nomads (read: Laurent) near New York a few decades back, just after Marie stole Dahir from an abusive owner. She has fended for herself since then, wandering until, eventually, finding the Cullens.

Theme Song (Optional):

Other: Marie speaks Gaelic, French, Latin, Spanish, Greek, German, all of the Chinese dialects, every African language known and just a bit of American. :P She stole a black horse named Dahir from a circus sideshow and was joined around the same time by a falcon named Stryke. She always rides Dahir bareback and has managed to sneak him past every authority possible with her mind-controlling abilities.

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Name: Maria Belva Manwaring

gender: female

Age: appears 16, is truly 200 years old.

Abilities: Maria has the ability to read and control emotions. She thinks that she's the only vampire
with that spacific ability.

Appeareance: Maria
Maria has long black hair that falls past her shoulders in a black, ink-like curtain that hides her pale face when she wants to stay hidden. Her eyes are a dark ruby red that are surrounded by small eyeslashes and on top are small, thin dark eyebrows. Her build is small and petite, but fast. If being fast were a special ability, that would be her special ability.

Personality: Maria is cautious, and afraid of basicly everything. She remembers the night that she was changed, and doesn't ever want anything like that to happen to her again. She always takes precations, but when she senses that you cause no harm to her, she will unleash her true, sweet self. She's compassionate with others, and sweet. She's loving, kind, but she won't tolerate someone being rude or people being taken advantage of. She will release her rath, and it's not pretty. Beware.

History: Maria was born in Alaska in the year 1500 BC. She lived there for years as a happy, wealthy human. For her sixteenth birthday, her parents decided to leave their arctic wasteland and moved to Forks, Washington. One night after going to a huge, popular party in Seattle Maria was wasted, and stoned. The people kicked her out, and she walked the streets alone, vomiting every once-in-a-while. Finally, her body couldn't take much more and she collapsed in some garbage in a dark alleyway. A male figure (who's open to make) came to her, and the last thing she saw before she passed out wwas his gorgeous face, and his ruby colored eyes. Three days later, Maria was a newborn vampire with a hot, sexy vampire mentor. He taught her everything, how to hunt, how to control herself, and he taught her so much more. She began to fall in love with him, though she's always been afraid to tell him. She lives in Forks, and is thinking about making her own coven. She's always stayed with her mentor, and has never left him.

Theme Song: Wildflower


HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Name: Aaronn Micheal Newman

Gender: Male

Age: appears 20, but is 5000yr old

Abilities: Aaronn can put images into peoples minds, but the images can only be bad images.

Appearance: Aaronn has shoulder length black hair, he could cut it but he doesn't want to. He used to have red beautiful eyes but as years went by they slowly turned golden. He is also very muscular.

Personality: Aaronn is very flirty when around girls, he has always been a ladies man. But he gets angry very fast so you have to be calm and nice around him.

History: Aaronn was born around 100 BC. He came from a poor family. When he was 16 they sent him off to war so they didn't have to pay taxes. A few years later when he was 20 they serviced him out off the war. But he had to walk all the way home-200 miles. While walking through the desert he was bitten by a human with red eyes. When he woke up he was alone he tried to go back to his family but it was to much pain he spent 2000 years looking for a mate then he found Maria and you know the rest

Theme Song:

Other: His apprentice is Maria

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) YAY!!!!! RP?

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Sure what roleplay ))

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Um... It doesn't matter.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 97 comments Silverfur- (I love Edward!!!!!!) wrote: "Name: Maria Belva Manwaring

gender: female

Age: appears 16, is truly 200 years old.

Abilities: Maria has the ability to read and control emotions. She thinks that she's the only vampire

Love UnltraViolet

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) It was a good movie

message 19: by Maggie (last edited Dec 19, 2010 01:11PM) (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Wait, she's really 200? Maria, I mean.

message 21: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) You said she was born in Alaska in 1500 BC?

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Yes. I wasn't sure about the math...I also know that it wasn't called Alaska back then...

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Name: Chelsea Ever Augusts

gender: female

Age: looks truly only two months and eight days old

Ability(s): Chelsea is a shield, but she has no idea of her ability yet.

[image error]
Chelsea has dark blue hair with black streaks in it. Her hair is cut in the 'emo' look and falls past her shoulders straight with absolutely no wave. She has a small and lithe frame which makes her fast, faster than most. Her eyes are a deep and dark gold, the color of topaz gems. Her eyes are surrounded by thick, and lush eyelashes.

Personality: Chelsea doesn't trust anyone, I mean if you knew her past it woukd make sense why. She hides in the shadows, and is terryfied of other vampires. Don't screw with her, because she's a bitch when she wants to be. It's hard to crack the ice that's on the outside of her, but if you do you'll find something worth your while.

History: Chelsea was born in 1996 in Forks, and her life was terrible. Her parents drank by the bottlefull, and when they did become drunk, they either took it out on each other in lust right in front of Chelsea, or they'd beat the shit out of their only child. She acted like everything was ok, but it was just the oposite. One day, Chelsea snapped when her mother came home completely wasted. She went to smack her daughter, as if it were a hug. Something parents were supposed to do when they saw their children. Chelsea knew what her mother was doing after she would hit her, and she she just snapped. Chelsea hit her before she could strike her, and she ran to her room, locking it before her mother came in with a knife. She grabbed her cash that she'd stashed under her matress, and some other belongings before leaping out the window. It was later in a big city that she didn't know, when she saw the most attractive male. He saw her, and immediatly fell all over her, spreading his love all over her. She took the bait, thrilled that someone was paying attention to her. He took advantage of her lack of love, and Chelsea never realised what his intentions were until he was on top of her, and even then she let him continue. She felt a great searing pain, and three days later she was awake, but the attractive male was gone. She soon realised what she had become, abd she knew she would never see him again. So far, she hasn't. She's a vegetarian because she can't just kill people, instead she'd rather eat animals.

Theme song: later

Other: she has no intentions of joining a coven.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) Silverfur- (I love Edward!!!!!!) wrote: "Yes. I wasn't sure about the math...I also know that it wasn't called Alaska back then..."

I don't think it was anything in 1500 BC. Maybe at around 1810? That would put her at around 200 years, give the place a name, and be more realistic that she was living there. Just a thought, but great charrie.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) I know it was just a thought, but it was a good one. I'm glad someone knows their history.^^

Coukd you give ne a name?

message 26: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Oh, by 1810 it was still Russia, I believe. Lemme check.

message 27: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Yep, it was. ^_^

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) So...could I just say Russia, present-day Alaska?

message 29: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) Sure, why not? :)

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Ok. Thanks for helping !

message 31: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) ^-^ No problem.

message 32: by Lalalauren (new)

Lalalauren | 2 comments Name: Alexia
Gender: Female
Age:19/ actually 193 years old
Abilities: Can turn invisible, Invincable, Super Fast, very strong.

message 33: by Lalalauren (new)

Lalalauren | 2 comments Blonde hair blue eyes

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Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) | 2 comments Name: Amanda 'Mandy' Mordecai

Gender: Female

Age: 16/43

Abilities: No real special abilities, she's just good at Tetris and bad at making friends.

Appearance: She has a wide-hipped, pearish build. She’s 5’3, and fairly lean. She has round, red eyes, that used to be hazel. Her thick, curly, short hair is the color of dark smoke. She has a domed forehead and has thick eyebrows. Her skin is creamy, and she has dark pink lips. Her face is round and she has dimples. She's left-handed. She wears these in public and tells people they're perscription, so she can get away with eating people:

Personality: Mandy is alternatingly civil, flirty, manipulative, derisive and outright sociopathic in her interactions. She is almost always grinning, and her attitude depends on who she's talking to. Her trolling of Phil has been bizarre but effective, causing him to completely lose his cool. She often takes images of pop-culture celebrities she thinks are similar to Phil and (crudely but awesomely) draws over the picture, claiming to make it look even more like him.

Theme Song:
Terezi Owns from Homestuck

Other: She spends most of her time online, preferably trolling people.


Name: Phil Mordecai

Gender: Male

Age: 18/45

Abilities: He can see the future.

Appearance: He has a broad-shouldered, slightly strong build. He’s 5’4, and fairly lean. He has droopy red eyes, that used to be hazel. His thick, chocolate hair is curly and neck-length. He has a domed forehead and hollow cheeks. His skin is creamy, and he has pale pink lips. His face is heart-shaped. He has a condescending air about him.

Personality: People think he's funny, but he's actually just being mean and nobody realizes it. He's a great friend, but he can be brutally honest and critical. He's a hipster-y 'cool kid' who's generally obnoxious. He's completely full of himself, and he doesn't speak much.

Theme Song:
Beatdown (Strider Style) from Homestuck

Other: He has a love-hate relationship with his sister.

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