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For the past few months, it has come to our notice that Nothing Normal has become not very active. Well, being us (your awesome mods), we want to change that. Our goal here is to let you have fun while chatting about abnormal things, while tracking what books you have read.

To achieve this goal, we want to do something to make people chat more often in this club. Right now (November 21st, 2010), we have 14 people who have made 0 comments. Since, as you can see, people don't get on very often and chat, we are proud to announce a brilliant idea we have cooked up especially for you guys.

Nothing Normal will be having a GRAND RE-OPENING on NEW YEARS DAY. If any dates change, Shae or Ella will notify you.

For the next few months, we will be working to update the club by changing pictures, polls, names, descriptions, games, discussions, and tons more.

Please try not to chat while we are working. If you do, it will result in your comment(s) being deleted. This is not because we are trying to be mean or anything, but that we are almost COMPLETELY destroying everything and re-doing it all!

If you have any problems with this idea, please respond to this message. If you have any ideas, and you would like to tell us, please respond to this message as soon as possible.

Our hope is that while you all are taking a break from chatting, you would invite and advertise. This would be a big help, and for sure make our re-opening better!

By the way, no more Newsletters every month! It was hard to keep up with, so we will just be adding new topics about what to look forward to.

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We are a pretty popular group who is being re-done at the moment, and we would lovemto have you join! When chats open, please say that you heard about our group in this club.

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