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Alanna had come back. She was in a long beautiful dress. She had lexis's necklass hanging out front. Her brown hair was long and put into a braid.

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Alanna walked down the stairs. She had changed. She walked into the room her hands grasped together out in front. Her green dress had a long train. It brought out her color of eyes. She sat down on the throne. "Yes?"she asked

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Alanna nodded. "Thank you,you may go"Alanna said. The knight left. "Why should I let you become a knight?"she asked trying to keep her voice even

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Alanna looked down her eyes cold. "You broke my heart!"she whispeared her voice icey cold.

She still loves him

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"I died that day!"she said. She started to pace. She looked at lexis her eyes softer

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Alanna stopped pacing. She did yearn for hisbtouch. Please stand"she said softly

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"I still love thee. I still have your necklass"she said showing it

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She shook her head no.

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((okee dokes. Cya later. I gtg too. Well I don't but I'm gonna get off because I want to eat whipped cream and stuff so.. cya.))

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(Lol bye)

Sam walked around the palace bored

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Sam curtiesed."hello!"she said smiling

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"I am Sam a lady's maid"Sam replied. She looked at the book he wad carring. She gasped. "Is that the newest prank book?"she asked Will.

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Sam modded. "I love the one with the pudding!"Sam said then blushed.

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(Aww bye)

Sam smiled. "What is your favorit."she askef

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Alanna frowned. "I understand my friend go to Drew-Louse. I am fine. This will have to be the end of our friendship. I do not think we can be friends. Anything you would like say?"Alanna replyied

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Sam smiled."I haven't had the time to read"Sam said sadly

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"Really you don't have to Sir Will"Sam said

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Sam sighed and uwatched him go. Sam hid the book inside her skirt and got a list. It was time food shopping


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(Alanna comes and finds him)

Alanna ripped off his necklas. She wanted to throw it aaway. She hurried downt the bridge

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Alanna threw the stonne as far as she could. Alanna jjumped as she heard moaning. She looked down and saw Lexis

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"I don't think so!" She whiapeared. She kneeled down next to Lexis

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"Do what?" But she already knew

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Alanna looked down at the face that she had never stopped thinking about. She leaned down lowly and then kisssed was gentil but passionite.

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Alanna started to cry. "Of cource I wil!"she said smiling. She kissed him more passonatly possable. There had been the top 10 kisses rated most passonatly but this left hem all behind.

Got that from the princess bride

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(Prepare to die!)

Alanna tried not to mind. Nothing could ruin this day!

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(how are we going to do all of this anyways?)

Alanna followed. she jumped in right after Lexis. she jumped into his arms.

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(lol ok)

Alanna kissed his cheek.

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(I love that quote!)

Alanna kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck.

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"My Lady? My Lad- Oh my goodness...I-I'm so sorry my lady, but the kind requests your presence in his chamber. It sounded urgent." Margaret spoke quickly and with purpose.

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Alanna blushed and nodded x"you must come eith me"she told Lexis

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"I'm sorry to interupt." She quickly bowed and scuried out back to the castle.

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"We have to tell my father about our engagememt. I also have to make you a knight!"Alanna said.

(Omg after they get married there should be a war!)

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(why? g2g)

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(Make it more fun bye)

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(hmmm not sure let's just have those 2 love birds marry :)! )

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(soon not tomorrow maybe like begin of December?)

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(sure right now though we have to go up to the king and tell him right?)

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(ok so they get married can we make it actually sooner please)

Alanna gripped Lexis' hand nervously.

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(yea i can rp the king if u want)

Alanna calm down a little but was still nervous. The king looked down at this boy holding his daughter's hand. "Yes what is it son?"King Alistair said.

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Alanna blushed and looked down. "How can he be so calm?"she wondered.

The King looked over this young man. "Come here Alanna"he instructed.

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Alanna nodded to afraid to speak.

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"Your Most Highness......." Margaret curtsied and waited.

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"His personality"Alanna said right away. The king looked at Lexis. "Son do you love my daughter?'he asked.

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Margaret started to back out of the room, seeing that she had interupted something.

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Margaret took a deep breath and cleared her throat just loud enough to get the King's attention.

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The king looked at both of them. "Then I give you my blessing!"he said. Alanna's face broke into a huge grin. she ran up to her father giving him a huge hug.

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"Um excuse me your highness?" Margaret asked with a small polite voice.

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"Yes what is it Margaret?"the king asked smiling.

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Margaret looked down.
"I was just going to ask what you & your family would wanted to be served for your supper, and at what time it would be most deserved at." margaret said with such a small voice, she had to hope the kind heard her.

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The king smiled. "Soon maybe a half hour thank you"he said

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