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Locé Styx Name-
((anything else?))

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Name- Mimi
Age- 17
Personality- Smart, funny, nice, caring, easy to get along with. She can be random at times
Appearance- description
Family- Her father will not speak with her and kicked her out of the house(see history). Her mother visists her from time to time. Mimi lives with her sporadic aunt and her younger cousins. She has two older brothers and a younger sister.
History- Her boyfriend knocked her up and dumped her. Her fahter spent the good part of two hours screaming and yelling at her, eventually kicking her out of the house. She now lives with her mother's sister, her aunt, and is much happier. She is three months pregnant.
Other- Tries to not let it show but she is very depressed cries herself to sleep alot of the time.

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Name- Kohl
Age- 17
Personality- Tends to come off a bit rude and arrogant, he is very protective of those he cares about.
Appearance- description
Family- Mother and a younger sister-13
History- His father was arrested when he(kohl) was ten sentanced twenty years in jail. Kohl is happy about it, he doesnt like his father and what he did.
Other- Plays varsity soccer and football

unless someone else comes along I was going to have him like Mimi

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wich group?

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Name- andy ( she's a chuck)
Age- 16
Personality- nice, shy
Appearance- Photobucket

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haha, I meant chick not chuck.

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