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Locé Styx ((rp))

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Mimi walked into her first class a little bit after the bell. She hadnt been able to find anything to wear that morning to hide her stomach well so she didnt get out to her car on time, plus she nearly threw up thrice while trying to get ready. All in all she was not in the mood for school.

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Mimi saw an open seat and went over to it, glad she didnt have to do the awkward seat dance.

"Is it all right if I sit here?" she asked the girl sitting in the next seat over.

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Mimi smiled and took her seat heavily. "I m Mimi," she replied. "Whats yours?"

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Mimi heasitated in answering. She gave another smile and laughed.

"I think I strained a back muscle when I was jumping on the trampoline with my cousins," she lied smoothly. She couldnt bring it out of her to tell the truth.

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Mimi examined him carefully, attractive, dark hair, kind face. "Brandon," she replied with a grin.

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Mimi snorted. "Definitly wish we talked." She fiddled with her lose flowing shirt before looking back at Laura, "everyone girl knows who he is. You new so I understand. He's the dream guy, so you know she has a dark twisty secret of something."

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((i already responded to that pretty much . . . post 13))

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"Like I said," Mimi replied. "I wish we talked. Everybodies in love with him, but I dont think I would ever date him."

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Mimi frowned and thought a moment. "I dont think he does," she said finally. "No I think he's single."

Kohl. late as ever, walked into class and took his seat in the far corner of the room as he usually did.

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Mimi smiled, "No usually we dont get homwork on the first day. Which is a good thing because otherwise I would be a wreck." She brushed her bangs out of her face and glanced quickly over to Kohl, who was oblivious as ever in her opinion.

Kohl was not so oblivious, just wanting to not pay attention to the teachers droning voice about things the students should already know. Sighing loudly he shifted in his seat catching out of the corner of his eye Mimi's glance. He couldnt help but grin to himself.

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Turning forward Mimi sighed this was the dullest class.

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Groaning softly Mimi sank low in her seat, clearly not wanting to be there. Students all around were grinning to each other muttering fake answers one even shouted "Elvis!" earning laughs all around the class room.

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"Good riddance," Mimi sighed. She stood slowly and collected her things.

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