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message 1: by Lindig (new)

Lindig | 167 comments I did a search for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and went to the list of her books, thinking I'd do a little edition editing. What I noticed, however, is that if a book belongs to a series but doesn't have the info in parens at the title, there's no way to tell it belongs to a series (unless you click on the book; then the series info shows up, grayed out). So, for the one I found right off, I put the series info back in parens, so people doing a fast browse of her books could tell the book belonged to a particular series.

Am I making sense? I'm just thinking about people doing a quick search of an author's books, not drilling down to the list of series books.

Is there any way to link a list of series to an author? That way, if you search for Yarbro, say, not only would a bunch of books show up, but also a list of series this author has written or participated in

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45005 comments Mod
This is something that will be fixed at some point, but probably not for a bit.

message 3: by Lindig (new)

Lindig | 167 comments Okay. In the meantime, I'll keep putting the series info in parens with the title. Thanks, Rivka.

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