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message 1: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 17346 comments Mod
Some people are obsessed with NYC. I've never gotten it. Maybe I need to visit with a local, an insider, to truly get that city.
the few times I've been it has been as a tourist, an outsider, and I thought the city was loud, dirty, grimy, weird, and just too big.

New Orleans, on the other hand, is just so magical. So ancient, so decrepit, so good-smelling and beautifully rotten. The air sparkles and shimmers and the night sounds alive, full of twinkling bugs.

What places in the country/world just get you do you have a place you dream about, long for, wish to be?

message 2: by Lobstergirl, el principe (new)

Lobstergirl | 24357 comments Mod
Mount Desert Island.

I can always find something to enjoy about New York, even if it is, and it is, dirty and grimy. And malodorous. I haven't been to New Orleans but I suspect I wouldn't like it. Maybe that's because I associate it with Mardi Gras, French Quarter, drunken louts, and Girls Gone Wild boobathons.

message 3: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 3447 comments Never been to NYC. Got my car towed in Nawlins. But when I rode the bridge down into Apalachicola, Florida, it felt like coming home to me. Humid salt air, seagulls, an air of timelessness. Parked and went to the Gibson Inn - big wraparound porch with rocking chairs, great old wooden bar with maybe twelve high chairs, ceiling fans, piano man in the corner. They were having a mystery weekend. Talked with a couple who said the walls were so thin that you could hear everything on both sides. Talked with a man who had settled there from the north and was making his own boat by hand. Talked with some locals who were going to see Arsenic and Old Lace at the local theatre. Talked with the woman who owned the book store next door. Then went to an oyster bar with outside seating on the river and strung with lights, and had great oysters while watching shrimp boats come in and the sky go dark over the water.

message 4: by Phil (new)

Phil | 11694 comments Hawaii gets me.

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary (madamefifi) Scout's comment makes me think of crossing the Oregon Inlet on the Herbert C. Bonner Memorial Bridge to arrive on Hatteras Island, NC. I love that.

message 6: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) Vancouver Island.

Jackie "the Librarian" | 8993 comments Yeah, Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, laid back lifestyle, warm air scented with plumeria...

message 8: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca White (rebecca_white) | 1028 comments Ilove NY. So much to do, see and eat and it's so international!

I'm sure I'd love NO, except for one thing: Big bugs. I have definite problems with big bugs. I'm really not a warm-weather person so much, and that is largely because warm weather places come with big bugs. Still, if I went to NO and became a drunken lout, stumbling down the streets, it probably wouldn't bother me so much.

message 9: by ms.petra (last edited Nov 14, 2010 04:03PM) (new)

ms.petra (mspetra) My daughter and I went to NYC for spring break a couple of years ago and we both fell in love. We spent every minute being tourists, riding the subway everywhere. We even went to the Bronx Zoo and the Botanic Gardens. I found NYC to be far more friendly than Chicago. NO is still on my list. Southern Florida does have that lazy summer afternoon feel that one can't help but love. The big wrap around porch and rockers on Mackinaw (Mackinac) Island are fabulous as well. But, for me, the first glimpse of the Rockies after a trip gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. No matter where you live, there is no place like home.

message 10: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments I've only been to NYC a couple times, and both visits felt rushed, so I don't know much about it. I think some people/media in NYC get insular and seem to think everyone cares about NYC...but then again, my local county paper does some of the same, but they don't have the reach of the larger media outlets.

I've said I love the Badlands before. And I intrinsically understand Chicago, where I grew up. I'd have to think on this question more.

message 11: by ms.petra (new)

ms.petra (mspetra) RA, have you been to Moab or Bryce Canyon in Utah? BEAUTIFUL!

message 12: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 4034 comments Sally, that's exactly how I feel about NYC. But that's how I feel about every hyped-up city I've ever been to. I think it gets all blown out of proportion and then you go in real life and think, "it's just a big dirty city." And I don't really like big cities. I'm always more impressed by non-cities. But I can't think of a place I've been that gets me.

I loved New Orleans the one time I went but if I lived there I think I'd be an alcoholic.

My mom just moved to Knoxville and it has a really beautiful, forested, slow, friendly vibe about it.

My dad lives in Tacoma and I really like it there. The air feels better in the Pacific North West.

Places I've been that have turn-off factors for me:
Las Vegas
Santa Fe

message 13: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments Gretchen, why didn't you like Boulder? My brother lives there...I go every few years...I don't love it there, either...Sally's heard this before.:) I guess it's ok, but I feel this weird pressure to say "I LOVE IT IT'S THE GREATEST PLACE EVER AND MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE BECAUSE I DON'T LIVE HERE to please the locals, and I don't feel that at all. It's ok, I guess. Pretty. But there's this weird hipster granola attitude that doesn't resonate with me. My brother, on the other hand, wouldn't live anywhere else.

message 14: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments I liked Olympia, where KD and Jackie live, a lot. I wasn't in Seattle long enough to make a real judgment, but I thought Seattle was pretty cool, too. I love cool, rainy weather.

message 15: by Dr. Detroit (new)

Dr. Detroit | 6031 comments I've been to New York once - in 1978 - to CBGB's (Ramones/Dead Boys show) and stayed with my friend's sister. I have no desire to go back.

Las Vegas? No thanks...

message 16: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments A Ramones/Dead Boys show in 78? Jesus Hell, that's cool, Clark.

message 17: by ms.petra (new)

ms.petra (mspetra) People's Republic of Boulder is how Denver sees it. I don't get it either. I would rather drive an hour to Ft. Collins than 30 minutes to Boulder.

message 18: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 4034 comments weird hipster granola attitude
That's it, sorta.
It could be that I was just hanging around the wrong people because we did go to visit a rather annoying friend of my husband's from school. But everyone I met seemed to be trying to out-cool each other. I'm the most laid-back, man. No I am. I only have 2 shirts! Well I did peyote in the mountains! Well I smoke weed all day and make art. Well I partied with [insert cool band who is cool because they don't use labels or marketing].

Bah go fuck yourselves. I bought a brand new car with GPS and I love it.

message 19: by ms.petra (new)

ms.petra (mspetra) Clark is the king of cool.

message 20: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments smetchie wrote: "weird hipster granola attitude
That's it, sorta.
It could be that I was just hanging around the wrong people because we did go to visit a rather annoying friend of my husband's from school. But eve..."

This post's awesomeness made me spit out my coffee. I'm glad I'm wearing a black shirt.

message 21: by Dr. Detroit (new)

Dr. Detroit | 6031 comments ms.petra wrote: "Clark is the king of cool."

Your check is in the mail.

message 22: by Dr. Detroit (new)

Dr. Detroit | 6031 comments ms.petra wrote: "Clark is the king of cool."

You should've seen me on shit patrol with the plunger last night in the bathroom.

I was just exuding badassedness.

message 23: by ms.petra (new)

ms.petra (mspetra) ;)

message 24: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments What was your plunger technique, Clark? Were you successful?

message 25: by Dr. Detroit (new)

Dr. Detroit | 6031 comments RandomAnthony wrote: "What was your plunger technique, Clark? Were you successful?"

It was disgusting, even for my stomach. Let's just say it was successful. It's too early for any kind of gut-churning particulars.

My kids use WAY too much TP.

message 26: by RandomAnthony (last edited Nov 13, 2010 06:49AM) (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments SO DO MINE! What is up with that? My middle son in particular uses half a fucking roll every time he poops.

message 27: by Heather (new)

Heather Lapinsky | 9 comments Germany is my place. I was lucky enough to be able to live there for three years, courtesy of the US Army.

Christmastime is magical there. This is the christmarkt I went to every year. http://www.frankfurt-tourismus.de/cms...

The tiniest little burgs have the most amazing farmers markets in the courtyards of their tiny little castles. Here's the view I had from my living room window every day. http://www.travelgermanyinenglish.com...

The pace of life is just different there. There ARE some wal-mart type stores, but generally, you wake up in the morning and grab your shopping basket and go from shop to shop for the food for that day. You go to the bread store and the meat store and the produce guy etc.


There is much about Germany that I love and miss. I could go on all day!

Stateside, I have a strong feeling that I belong in Maine. I have never been there, but I want to live there so bad!

message 28: by Kate (new)

Kate (kateharper) | 206 comments I always thought I'd hate NYC but I'm reserving judgement because I also thought I'd hate Chicago and it's ended up being my favorite large city. That's probably because I always stay downtown and go to the Field Museum, the Art Institute, the Aquarium. There all so close together. And although I don't usually like shopping, I do love it in Chicago. I also love that you can walk out the door and flag down a cab, my favorite method of transportation in a city.

message 29: by Garrett (new)

Garrett (thebigcheasy) | 4 comments Philadelphia. It's a great city, you know how the rural life is you need a break from it occasionally. Leave, go listen to the ramble of car horns and curse words. I love Philly!. DC is so-so the metro cool and the monuments at night are awesome.

message 30: by Janice (new)

Janice (jamasc) Portree Scotland... I'm sure I lived there in a past life as well as across the bay on the Isle of Raasay. I've always had a vision of living in a cottage on a rise overlooking the ocean. We were walking along the beach on Raasay when we went around a corner. I stopped dead in my tracks because there was my vision, minus the cottage.

Other places that speak to me are Victoria BC, Quebec City, and New Orleans.

message 31: by Lobstergirl, el principe (new)

Lobstergirl | 24357 comments Mod
I could never live in Las Vegas, Atlanta, or Orlando. I can't see myself in the southwest at all, either. Or anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas.

message 32: by Jan (new)

Jan | 241 comments Mayberry. Back then.

message 33: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments I adore New York even though I never want to live there again. But I lived there long enough to be comfortable and know where everything I need to find is and always will be.

I have this bad feeling that Baltimore and I are symbiotic. I've tried to leave but I can't.

Other places that I have felt completely at home, off the top of my head:
Asheville, NC

I think Austin might be another, but I haven't spent enough time there to be sure.

message 34: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments I could easily call Frisco CO home. I like to visit NYC, I have never not enjoyed myself there, but I could never live there. But then again I've only been to Manhattan, not sure about the other boroughs.

message 35: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments I haven't spent much time in the other boroughs at all ever. I haven't been to Brooklyn since way before it was cool. I have a cousin I've visited a couple of times near rock rock Rockaway Beach, but otherwise when I think NYC I think Manhattan.

I should also note that I took Zu's parents when they came to the US and they hated it. Earlier in the week they had taken one of those hop-on-hop-off double decker tourist buses around DC, which is a decent way to see DC. They insisted on doing the same in New York, even though I said New York didn't work the same way. So they went off and did their thing, and came back and said they didn't see what the big deal was.
In the end, New York was their least favorite thing about the US.

Things they liked:
DC on a tourist bus
Ellicott City, MD (little mill town)
Amish Pennsylvania
Las Vegas
The Grand Canyon
The Hoover Dam

message 36: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments When I think NYC I think Manhattan also, I just didn't want to presume everyone did.

message 37: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 17346 comments Mod
The Hoover Dam is impressive.

message 38: by Michele (new)

Michele bookloverforever (lovebooks14) | 1970 comments I.ve only been to NYC 3 times and my car was towed on 2 of those visits. give me SAN FRANCISCO anytime. Of course I'm prejudiced,I lived there for 18 yrs and would still be there if I was still working and could afford it again.

message 39: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments Sally wrote: "The Hoover Dam is impressive."

Yes, but so is New York if you see it right. The only part they liked was the part I showed them, which was the Circle Line tour that included the Statue of Liberty.
They also booked a hotel right in Times Square, which was way too busy for them, and they were woefully underdressed for the weather. It was May, but it was absolutely freezing. I had told them it would be light jacket weather, but it was way colder than that. They had to buy overpriced tourist sweatshirts.

message 40: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 17346 comments Mod
And that would leave a bad taste in anybody's mouth.

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