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mandy_Rawrmoma1 (Rawrmoma1) | 20 comments who thinks there should be another book i don't think breaking dawn ended to well i need more...please comment

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Rizam Umer | 3 comments hmm ... should be focused on Leah Jacob and Nessie .....

mandy_Rawrmoma1 (Rawrmoma1) | 20 comments Rizam wrote: "hmm ... should be focused on Leah Jacob and Nessie ....."

yea and yea and the vultory or however u spell it needs to be destoryed and in a big fight with the cullens and others i think... theres more questions that need answered..

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Angela (angieerickson) | 3 comments I found Breaking Dawn to be a let down. The lack of a war/fight was anti-climatic. The ending felt lazy and the 'Alice and fake passports' backup plan was foolish and unnecessary. Also, everyone got a happy ending except for Leah. What's with that?

mandy_Rawrmoma1 (Rawrmoma1) | 20 comments exactly there needs to be a next book or im going to go crazy with that shit

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